Top Ten Medications That Get a Bad Rap

Some of these are legitimately bad medications, others... Not so much.
The Top Ten
1 Tylenol
2 Viagra

Guys, never take Viagra. You're more of a man not to take it.

3 Aspirin
4 Ritalin
5 Adderall
6 Ibuprofen
7 Prozac

This stuff has changed my life, but it can be abused.

8 OxyContin

OxyContin. I don't care how bad the pain is for me, I'll never take this. The addiction stories are horrifying.

This... You should never take. It deserves it's bad reputation.

I would rather suffer my entire life than take any form of narcotics

9 Concerta
10 Vyvanse
The Contenders
11 Xanax

A lot of people have died from abusing xanax.

12 Zoloft
13 Tempra
14 Isoniazid
15 Paracetamol
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