Top Ten Reasons Why Drugs Are Bad

The Top Ten
1 Can cause death

Drugs are very dangerous. Don't even touch it or you will... I don't wanna scare no one but you know what I mean.

I've never known a drug addict but I know enough that they're dangerous and can kill.

2 Can cause cancer
3 Can lead to psychopathic behavior

Psychopaths are born, not made

Do I even have to explain?

4 Can lead to suicide

Once you're sad while on Acid, you get so sad and depressed to the point that you actually want to kill yourself.

5 Can instigate drug wars
6 Can cause bad breath

Your teeth turn rotten yellow and your breath will smell like road kill.

7 Can ruin your life
8 Can lead to depression
9 Can prevent life improvement
10 Can lead to arrest and incarceration
The Contenders
11 Can lead to addiction
12 Can tarnish your image

I thought that said that drugs DO make you look cool, and I thought I was going to type a paragraph about how it doesn't make you cool, but I read it wrong...

Taking drugs isn't worth it.

13 Can kill your brain cells
14 Can result in legal trouble
15 Can alter your personality
16 Can be highly addictive
17 Can weaken your resolve to solve problems
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