Top Ten Medicine Cat Names


The Top Ten

1 Breezefall

Love it. - BloodFang

I love this name, I am making a story and this reminded me of Breezepelt, so this would be a perfect name for a evil medicine cat

2 Moonfeather

I think she is so awesome I love her

Such a gorgeous name, though contrasting to the Moonstone/ Moonpool, which makes it so good for a cat close to StarClan - Sunshineheart

3 Poppypetal
4 Mistyshine
5 Firelight
6 Doveflight
7 Mapletail
8 Berryheart

Love it! Dark ginger-and-cream tabby tom with green eyes
- Skyheart

9 Snowshine
10 Amberleaf

There's actually a cat in Yellowfang's secret called Amberleaf. - Walla

Personally I like this one.

I have an OC named Amberleaf. She is a yellow golden furred she cat with yellOw eyes. She is mentor to Rainpaw.

The Contenders

11 Wrenfrost

Wrenkit Wrenpaw Wrenfrost so cute lol should be number 1 I so using this

:) Cute

12 Sweetberry

My OC. She's based off of my really nice friend. White she-cat with pale brown tabby markings and a pink nose. Originally a warrior apprentice, but discovered a love for healing.
- Skyheart of WillowClan

13 Echosong

This is a real medicine cat, the first medicine cat of SkyClan. (Modern.)

14 Oceanbreeze

I can imagine this one. Pale gray she-cat with bluish markings, and darker gray stripes. - Spottedtail

15 Willowmist
16 Mistyspirit

I am Mistystorm of RiverClan ( after Mistyfoot) and I love RiverClan I am a starclan cat parents are Stonefur and Feathertail and my sister is Cinderblaze and Mistyspirit would suit me so well

17 Mistystorm

This name is pretty
i see a Sleek Grey She-Cat with Misty Blue Eyes.
It is not a name in the Erin Hunters warrior cat books
What is not to like.

This is my name

18 Rainleaf
19 Mosscloud
20 Heathersun
21 Willowshade
22 Sundapple
23 Pearlshine
24 Spottedberry
25 Roselily
26 Aspenshade

White tom with silver gray patches and blue eyes

27 Fernshadow

My OC. Small black she-cat with green eyes. WillowClan medicine cat

28 Brightfern

Just made this name up! Also did Aspenshade, and Fernshadow. Hope you like them!
~ Skyheart

29 Maplepool
30 Mintleaf
31 Shadowsong

Okay, okay, I know this isn't allowed but it sounds so cool in my opinion!

32 Flickerspot

I imagine a white tortoiseshell tom with dark gray flecks on his back,
Mother: Circutnose
Father: Honeylick
Sister: Snowwren
Apprentice: Brokenpaw

33 Cinderblaze

my sis

34 Daisystem
35 Owlseek
36 Crowspeak
37 Redbounce

A red and black tortoiseshell

38 Crystalheart

I made this one up, but one of my BFF's hated it because it was originally 'Crystalfeather', but then I changed it to Crystalheart and my other BFF who finished ONLY book 1 (lol) loved the name.



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