Top Ten Medicines to Take If You Have ADHD and Autism


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1 Focalin XR

Take this and don't listen to AlphaQ's advice because hell just tell you to smoke more weed.

One of the best medicines to take. - Pony

2 Intuniv

Believe it or not, I have both ADHD and autism. I also have OCD, schizophrenia, anxiety issues, and depression. Am I broken? I live just fine, but I feel like my brain doesn't work the way it should. - RockFashionista

Also known as Tenex. - Pony

3 Melatonin Supplements

Beware of this type of medication. Melatonin is NOT a sleeping pill. Melatonin is what in your body makes you sleepy when you're in darkness. It's an chemical body adapter for lightning / darkness. People who have too low melatonin in their body will have trouble sleeping when the evening begins. People with normal melatonin levels risk to take an overdose ( not deadly ) and produce more melatonin than needed and it won't help them for sleeping better.

I may not be autistic, but I have pretty bad insomnia (typing on zero hours of sleep) and melatonin has hardly helped me. If anything, I don't sleep earlier and when I do, I get blurry but colorful and weird dreams. - keycha1n

I take this every Sunday to Thursday night with water and it helps me sleep.

Helps you fall asleep. - Pony

4 Concerta

It helps those with mental illnesses.

5 Abilify

Yep. I'm autistic and I'm always on this medicine because the place where I live makes me depressed (I plan on moving though).

It is used mainly for depression... - Pony

6 Ritalin

I actually both ADHD and autism. I take methylphenidate because I do not focus very much in school.

Ritalin and Concerta are Methylphenidate HCL. This molecules makes me sleepy. Adderall wich is DL-Amphetamine HCL works much better.

7 Adderall

I have been on Adderall for ADD since the 8th grade, no medicine helps half as much as this. You feel so much more motivated and focused, it's incredible. There's a reason why college kids try to get it - ryanrimmel

I was forced to take this as a kid. As a result, I got extreme sun sensitivity and I get sunburned really easily. I want to sue the makers of this drug so bad and receive compensation for my suffering! >:(

8 Risperidone
9 Strattera
10 Dexedrine

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11 Olanzapine
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