Top Ten Medicines to Take If You Have ADHD and Autism

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Focalin XR

One of the best medicines to take.


I have adhd..
the side effect (1, I've never done it before I took the pill) is having a jittery bladder, especially while asleep or sedentary such as in class. this cursed thing makes me dribble or pee while asleep.

Believe it or not, I have both ADHD and autism. I also have OCD, schizophrenia, anxiety issues, and depression. Am I broken? I live just fine, but I feel like my brain doesn't work the way it should.

Also known as Tenex.

Melatonin Supplements

Beware of this type of medication. Melatonin is NOT a sleeping pill. Melatonin is what in your body makes you sleepy when you're in darkness. It's an chemical body adapter for lightning / darkness. People who have too low melatonin in their body will have trouble sleeping when the evening begins. People with normal melatonin levels risk to take an overdose ( not deadly ) and produce more melatonin than needed and it won't help them for sleeping better.

I may not be autistic, but I have pretty bad insomnia (typing on zero hours of sleep) and melatonin has hardly helped me. If anything, I don't sleep earlier and when I do, I get blurry but colorful and weird dreams.

I take this every Sunday to Thursday night with water and it helps me sleep.

Helps you fall asleep.


It helps those with mental illnesses.


Yep. I'm autistic and I'm always on this medicine because the place where I live makes me depressed (I plan on moving though).

It is used mainly for depression...


I actually both ADHD and autism. I take methylphenidate because I do not focus very much in school.

I have adhd and I take this

Ritalin and Concerta are Methylphenidate HCL. This molecules makes me sleepy. Adderall wich is DL-Amphetamine HCL works much better.


I have been on Adderall for ADD since the 8th grade, no medicine helps half as much as this. You feel so much more motivated and focused, it's incredible. There's a reason why college kids try to get it

I was forced to take this as a kid. As a result, I got extreme sun sensitivity and I get sunburned really easily. I want to sue the makers of this drug so bad and receive compensation for my suffering! >:(

I feel like this works way better than the other medicine because I myself have ADHD and have taken other medicines and it haven’t effect me. Although some people can get addicted to this because it’s strong the thing is the people with ADHD don’t usually get addicted to things like Adderalls or Ritalin because of the low Dopamine.


This is not really good for focusing it can actually decrease it, but it’s good for those who are passive aggressive to be honest it best taken at night before sleeping


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I need this to sleep at night

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