Top Ten Most Mediocre Disney Movies

These Disney animated pictures are either good nor bad, but just struggle in the middle and fade away from our memories until they're brought back up again.

Naturally, this in my opinion, and there are some controversial items on the initial list so please don't get too mad if a movie you really like is here, that's fine, you like whatever you want.

The Top Ten

1 The Sword in the Stone

I haven't seen this movie so this is why I gave it middle ground. I have heard a lot of people say that it's nothing special and it's just a harmless movie in which nothing really significant happens.I certainly don't remember seeing anything from the film except Madam Mim's nice little melody, which was okay. - DapperPickle

I like this movie a lot honestly - darthvadern

2 The Rescuers

Good movies

Everybody raves about the sequel, The Rescuers Down Under for being far superior to this forgettable piece of feature length animation. There really are no really horrible parts,but neither are there great parts (Rescuers 2 had an amazing part right at the start with the eagle), the animation isn't all that impressive either. It's nothing special, but it's alright. - DapperPickle

I think it's a great movie honestly even though the sequel was better - darthvadern

3 The Aristocats

I believe a lot of people hate this movie, but it's just too...plain to hate. It's too bland and harmless to offend anybody. I saw it, I forgot it, done. - DapperPickle

This was a fave when I was little had it on video. :P

I was a little disappointed seeing this, even back when I was 10 because I was at that point in my life I absolutely loved Disney, I’ve always loved cats and I still do to this day. “Lady and the Tramp” was a lot better in my opinion. - 3DG20

4 The Black Cauldron
5 High School Musical
6 Teen Beach Movie
7 Kronk's New Groove
8 The Jungle Book

I'm going to get a bit of flak for saying this but I find The Jungle Book to be quite a boring movie, the only highlights being King Louie and Bear Necessities. Otherwise the movie is just forgettable. - DapperPickle

Yeah I agree. This movie was okay but it doesn’t really stand out with the Disney classics and just feels kinda lost in the crowd - Randomator

9 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World
10 Fantasia 2000

The Contenders

11 Brother Bear

I feel the same about Brother Bear as I do with The Rescuers, nothing significant happens and there really are no great or horrible parts. it's fine for kids. - DapperPickle

12 Fantasia
13 Meet the Robinsons

This is a good movie, but it has a lot of flaws which prevent it from escaping number 10 of this list unortunately. - DapperPickle

14 Chicken Little

This should be higher enough.

15 Belle's Magical World
16 Hercules

Oh, Hercules, you hot mess of a film. Let's keep this brief and say that Hades was the only saving grace here. It's theme is extremely strange, the songs are strange, it's all strange and I don't even remember a second of it, it's not that memorable at all. - DapperPickle

This movie is extremely forgettable. I don’t remember anything that happened in the movie - Randomator

I don’t get why people loved this movie so much. It just wasn’t the best for me. - PackFan2005

17 Mulan II
18 Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
19 Tarzan

This movie was okay, nothing more nothing less. I don't really have much to say about it other than I really liked Clayton as a villain and his death scene was extremely brutal for a kids movie. I liked some of the child Tarzan scenes, especially the sadder ones but it all goes downhill when Tarzan grows up. - DapperPickle

This movie was just okay. It’s another Disney movie that just feels lost in the crowd - Randomator

20 Frozen
21 Pocahontas
22 Dinosaur
23 Oliver and Company

Even though this gets less credit than it deserves, a lot of people seem to say this movie is okay, and even though I think it's amazing, sure. I can see why people disregard it as another one of the forgettable and bad 80s Disney movies.Not even Billy Joel could save this one, sadly. - DapperPickle

24 Moana
25 Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

This is actually bad.

26 The Incredibles 2
27 The Fox and the Hound

I forgot this movie even existed, and when I rewatched it it turned out to be alright.Nothing spectacular, but alright. A mediocre movie in my books. - DapperPickle

28 Monsters Inc.
29 Lilo & Stitch
30 Finding Nemo
31 Wall-E
32 Wreck It Ralph
33 The Incredibles
34 Toy Story 2
35 Cars

The beggining and ending parts are the only things that stand out in this movie, both sequels were better - darthvadern

36 Home on the Range
37 Planes
38 James and the Giant Peach
39 Treasure Planet
40 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
41 Cinderella II: Dreams Come True
42 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
43 Alice in Wonderland
44 Alice in Wonderland (2010)
45 The Jungle Book (2016)
46 The Good Dinosaur
47 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
48 Teen Beach 2
49 The Jungle Book 2
50 The Fox and the Hound 2
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