Top 10 Mediocre Movies that Deserve a Remake

These do not appeal to all movies, they appeal to certain movies, that people do not classify as 'very good' or bad' or even classic. Do not vote for classic movies, for me classics are either remarkably bad and these are movies that need/deserve a remake but aren't really 'bad' more average, or simply good, but not brilliant or excellent or classic.

The Top Ten

1 War of the Worlds

This is was an ok movie, but the book deserves more. A character who was also in the dreadful movie known as Dragonball Evolution was in this, and made it much worse. It should have been a father/daughter tale, but even tale it probably would have still had flaws. This was a pretty disappointing movie as a whole, the book was incredible and still deserves more, the remake would have had to be really good to truly make the book and the author proud. - iliekpiez

2 The Dark Crystal

This movie has had many comic sequels, and let me tell you, they probably could have been better than this. First of all, I want it darker and I want more emotion out of it, (yes I do love grit in movies-believe it or not) and I would also like better characters and more menace out of the villains. I personally liked this movie, and but did want a bit more out of it. - iliekpiez

3 Fahrenheit 451

The movie that was released in 1966, could have been better and does look outdated, and kinda like WOTW, did not do the book complete justice, but this was a good movie, I do think the novel/movie could be released today and considering books are kinda being wrestled out by movies today could still be much better and should be on the big screen for the world to see. - iliekpiez

4 Logan's Run

An underrated Sci-Fi movie, this was good, but not perfect. The concept seemed like it would make it a better movie as a whole. It did have some problems, and could have been probably been a bit more brutal, a general theme in this list is that two movies I think could have been darker as a whole, but still had a pretty good chase scene, that might be on my favourite Sci-Fi movie scenes, and that is saying a lot as it is my favourite genre. - iliekpiez

5 Willow

A movie that RT was too harsh on, and I will check the 10 good movies with bad RT scores to see if it is there as it deserves about 70%. This was a pretty cool concept with dreams and reality living side by side, a very original concept at that too. In fact, IT WAS AN AWESOME CONCEPT. I did enjoy Warrick Davis, and I probably wanted a dark or gritty story about genocide, but I like dark and gritty. - iliekpiez

6 Mulan

Let me tell you, if I want the remake to really change the formula of Disney. Step 1: No Mushu-I do not like that character, he is very annoying. Step 2: make it darker, make China and talk about Shan Yu in a much more menacing light. People may disagree, but this is tale that could have been darker and I would have also had no songs to really suit the tone. That is just my silly idea and people are allowed to disagree, but I just feel like that is the root that it should go in. - iliekpiez

But... they are remaking it. - MegaSoulhero

7 Mad Max

Sequels so much better - DenyYourMaker

A good movie, but one that had flaws. It was good, but then again had much more potential and also that it just could have been better. The bit when the family died, I thought that should have not been in the plot, kinda spoilt it and I would have also liked more of a connection between Mad Max and his family, but this movie is very enjoyable and still a good movie. - iliekpiez

8 Galaxy Quest

This is a very good movie, but still had some issues that need to be addressed. This could have been better, and probably could have been more funny with the concept they had for the movie. The aliens could have also probably been better characters and could have had more emotion. The villains could have been talked about with more menace and also that it probably should get more attention than the original did, I want to be credited as a comedy and a Sci-Fi is they do decide to remake Galaxy Quest. - iliekpiez

9 Bruce Almighty

Yes, I do find this movie pretty god damn average. Why? I probably would have liked it if the star did a tweet that made his career stall, said for God's sake, and God got mad and made him see if he could run it as well as he could. The message could also be improved as well if they do decide to do a remake and also I think that the comedy could also be improved as well as the acting. - iliekpiez

10 Waterworld

Overbudget and overhyped - DenyYourMaker

A movie, which had too much effort put into it. An average movie, not a awful one by any means, heck it was actually successful for Universal when I think about it more and more. Costner was not good, and after this went in the celebrity toilet of the washed up. A movie, which could be done better. - iliekpiez

The Contenders

11 Solo: A Star Wars Story
12 Treasure Planet
13 My Soul to Take
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