Top 10 Most Mediocre And Overhyped "Pop-Culture Icon" Movies and Film Series Of All Time

This can also include films that are obviously nowhere near as "so bad that they're good" as people say they are, just for the record

The Top Ten

1 Transformers (Series)

Optimus Prime is officially rolling in his grave and will not rest until all that are even remotely related to Michael Bay have answered for their heinous crimes against his franchise.
Now, Transformers itself was never really all that great in the first place, don't get me wrong, but this is just insulting in every way. It panders so ridiculously blatantly and excessively to the lowest common denominator of film watchers that it quite frankly isn't even FUNNY, its special effects are so completely overdone that they almost make those of Ready Player One and the like look subtle by comparison, the plots somehow manage to get even stupider with each installment, Michael is generally a pathetic manchild that only cares about cool-looking robots, explosions, hot women and the like...and just in general, this series is an utterly abysmal train wreck.
At its BEST, Transformers 1 was WATCHABLE (and just BARELY at that); nothing less, but certainly nothing more either - xandermartin98

Movies suck but Transformers Prime (T.V. Show) is amazing

Nope. Prime is overrated and Armada, Beast Wars, and Animated are way better.

2 Ready Player One (Film)

If you really wanted me to, I COULD go over every single reason why this film is complete unwatchable garbage again, but I just simply don't have the time; search up "Ready Player One" on /r/RalphTheMovieMaker for more info

Long story short, the film is literally nothing more than a big flashy two-hour-long commercial for the countless pop-culture products that it's oh-so-embarrassingly shamelessly advertising in almost every single sodding MINUTE of its runtime; if you seriously can't see through its abhorrently cheap and manipulative "hey look, it's all of those famous pop-culture things that I know and love all coming together on the big screen" facade, then you've got some awfully SERIOUS mental problems, let me tell you
(True, true, you could easily say the same about Back To The Future and Who Framed Roger Rabbit; however, the difference is that THOSE films were actually made from the HEART rather than purely for the sake of corporate money-leeching and therefore ...more - xandermartin98

WHAT?! That movie was AWESOME! - PhoenixAura81

3 Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Film)

Probably below-average production value even for the time, only mildly above-average humor, completely flat and boring main character in every way, (intentionally) bland, nonexistent and meaningless plot that the film never even once bothers itself to actually do anything interesting with, excruciatingly irritating Great English pompousness...yeah, this film pretty much has it all - xandermartin98

'The Holy Grail' was rated the tenth best comedy film of all time by the Guardian (, which doesn't seem very mediocre. My suggestion - despite sounding cliched - is that you just don't understand all the jokes.

4 The Avengers (Series)

I never got the appeal of the Avengers.

We had Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight series before who showed how much character depth, ethical conflicts and suspense can be put into a "superhero" film. And for those who don't want as much gritty material, remember Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" films (yes, all three of them)? They had everything you can get out of pure Hollywood entertainment - a relatable hero, awesome action, funny humor, dramatic character backgrounds, a sweet love story and a few memorable "grotesque" scenes. Heck, even if want BOTH - great entertainment AND depth: there's the X-Men series - basically an allegory for discrimination with complex characters and social commentary, but at the same time superb action, visual FX and one liners.

Now, to me the Avengers films have completely basic superhero plots, little genuinely entertaining action or humor, and are unnecessarily lengthy. The characters aren't that deep or charismatic (Tony Stark is similar to Bruce ...more - Martin_Canine

Avengers endgame is the most overrated and overhyped movie of all time - railfan99

Avengers 1: Good but lacking in replay value
Avengers 2: Decent if you don't pay too much attention to its plot, but absolutely HORRID if you do
Avengers 3: Very good (probably GREAT, even, disregarding its still insanely shallow and nonsensical plot) but almost tied with Black Panther and Incredibles 2 as the SINGLE most overrated actually good mainstream movie of 2018 (face it, without Thanos, this film would have been nothing; at least The Dark Knight probably still would have had Two-Face without the Joker also being in it) - xandermartin98

These movies are so dull how do people like them? these movies basically are 1. The main villain or hero fighting in the first 10 minutes then it's old people talking then 30 last minutes it's crappy effects these movies are just bad

5 Friday the 13th (Series)

About as generic, cliched and boring of a slasher franchise as slasher franchises can be, and historically has gotten average-to-flat-out-terrible reviews on IMDB and Metacritic throughout literally ALL of its entries besides Crystal Lake Chronicles; I'm pretty sure that the only reason why this franchise is considered one of the iconic "pop-culture trifecta" horror franchises alongside Halloween and Nightmare On Elm Street is because of Jason himself completely epitomizing the classic "psycho murderer with hockey mask" trope (that, and also the fact that he isn't even the real villain of the first film; his MOTHER is) - xandermartin98

6 The Room (Film)

Easily THE most overrated "so bad it's good" film ever; seriously the only redeeming qualities of it were the music and how astonishingly bad of an actor Tommy Wiseau is - xandermartin98

7 2001: A Space Odyssey (Film)

Not quite THE most boring film ever made,
but it's pretty close, I can tell you that much - xandermartin98

8 Star Wars (Series)

Yes, this most certainly DOES include the original trilogy and is a general judgment of the overall series as a whole; the plot and characters are about as laughably basic and one-dimensional as you can get, the main series as a whole has only had two truly great films so far (New Hope and Empire Strikes Back) and MAYBE four other relatively good ones depending on how diehard/butthurt of a fan you ask (Return Of The Jedi, The Force Awakens, Revenge Of The Sith and MAYBE The Last Jedi) out of its already NINE so far, Phantom Menace and Rogue One (and Solo, for that matter) were just plain forgettable mainstream garbage, Attack Of The Clones and Holiday Special rank easily among THE worst movies ever made...
And all in all, I just CAN'T see what all of the hype is about; hell, outside of the extended universe, even Star TREK was more interesting than this - xandermartin98

It really is. - Cyri

9 Freddy Got Fingered (Film)

Actually a VERY impressive "so bad it's good" film (as well as 2000s comedy-film satire), but that's literally ALL it's good for; its humor is equal parts South Park without the class and Jackass without the charm, its characters are every bit as irritating and abrasive as can be, and its plot might as well be nonexistent - xandermartin98

10 A Nightmare on Elm Street (Series)

Judging from the first movie, it at least was a LOT better than Friday The 13th but laughably paled in comparison to Halloween's original 1978 debut (and was rather noticeably rife with basically all of the exact same tired and old-hat cliches as well)

Let's not talk about what the sequels turned the franchise's main villain, Freddy, into either (shudders) - xandermartin98

The Contenders

11 Black Panther 2018 (Film)

Insert "I'm not white, American and suburban, but" joke here - xandermartin98

12 Frozen (Film)

Nowadays, it's mostly overhyped in terms of how "bad" it actually is (as in, not at all apart from the songs and characters being overrated as Hell itself; FROZEN OVER, no less) - xandermartin98

13 Avatar (Film)

At least it spawned a really awesome land at Disney's Animal Kingdom!

14 Troll 2 (Film)

Really wanted to enjoy this for its "hilariously bad" appeal, but it was really just plain pathetic - xandermartin98

15 The Emoji Movie (Film)
16 Incredibles 2 (Film)

(cough) twist villain literally named Evil Endeavor (cough) - xandermartin98

17 Cars (Series)
18 Harry Potter (Series)

Always was a cheap high-school-drama knockoff of Lord Of The Rings, always will be - xandermartin98

19 Jaws (Film)
20 The Matrix (Series)

The first one (as much as I like it) is almost comically pretentious

The end of the second one is even more so

The third one is just plain stupid in every way - xandermartin98

21 Sharknado (Series)

Seriously what the hell do people see in this franchise. - egnomac

22 Ghostbusters (Film)

Literally only one good movie in this franchise.

23 Zootopia (Film)

I don't want to start a new controversy and I respect opinionsa but waht do people see in this movie other than message? - darthvadern

24 Star Trek (Series)
25 Alien (Series)
26 The Terminator (Series)
27 The Hobbit (Series)
28 Back to the Future (Series)
29 Austin Powers (Series)
30 Cool Cat Saves the Kids (Film)

Let's not talk about the I Hate Everything VS Daddy Derek war again, please - xandermartin98

31 Full Metal Jacket (Film)
32 Ant-Man (Series)

Very mediocre - B1ueNew

33 La La Land (Film)
34 Forrest Gump (Film)
35 Wonder Woman 2017 (Film)
36 Marvel Cinematic Universe (Series)
37 Halloween (Series)
38 The Dark Knight Rises (Film)
39 Shrek (Series)
40 Titanic (Film)
41 Twilight (Film)
42 Batman & Robin (Film)
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