Mega Evolutions We Want to See In Pokemon Sun and Moon

With the announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon, the first thing that came in our mind are, Mega Evolutions. When ORAS was announced, we were excited for the new mega evolutions. They didn't disappoint us. But for Pokemon Sun and Moon, we want to see more. Today, I'll be listing the ones we want.

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1 Mega Flygon

He's pretty much the most requested Mega out there, and I don't blame you guys. He's overshadowed by Garchomp, so maybe with a Mega, he'll be much better known. - SmashBall

Gamefreak needs to get out of their art block so they can finally give flygon a mega. A Pokemon that was meant to have a mega ever since the game mechanic was introduced. - Ruee

He was supposed to get a mega evolution in x and y, but ken sugimori had artists block.

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2 Mega Milotic

Milotic desperately needs a mega. It's one of my fave Hoenn Pokemon, and Miloticite sound epic. Plus, Gyrados has a mega now.

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3 Mega Dragonite

Actually it would be Dragoniteite. Would still be a great Mega though =3

You know what's funny? All Mega stones end with -ite. So if you make Dragonite's Mega stone, it'll be named Dragonite. - SmashBall

4 Mega Haxorous

Hands down, best Pure Dragon type. Anyone who doesn't think Haxorus should get a mega is an idiot. Plus, imagine if they did give him one, and it was Dragon/Steel to counter the Fairy type weakness. That would be amazing

Just imagine a SHINY MEGA Haxorous. That'll be the best design ever! - SmashBall

5 Mega Arcanine

Arcanine is well designed Pokemon just imagine a Mega Arcanine. - SmashBall

6 Mega Staraptor

I love Staraptor, and when saw Mega Pidgeot, I thought it would be cool to see another bird Pokemon have a Mega, so I chose Staraptor. - SmashBall

7 Mega Zoroark

I agree... Mega Zoroark would be rad.

8 Mega Ninetales

Combination of fire and ghost typing is awesome, or could be fire and fairy since Ninetales is based on fairy tale and Mega Ninetales must have better ability like Grudge Bond (Opponent faint when it killed Mega Ninetales use attacks that makes contact).

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9 Mega Lunatone

It's Pokemon Sun and MOON. Lunatone is clearly a moon, so it'll make sense if it has a Mega. - SmashBall

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10 Mega Solrock V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Mega Lapras

It's weird this awesome Pokemon doesn't even have an evolution, no baby form, or something like that. So it would be nice to a Mega evolution. - SmashBall

12 Mega Braviary

Even though I'm half Mexican and half American, I have enough pride where this bald eagle deserves a Mega evolution. USA! USA! - SmashBall

13 Mega Delphox
14 Mega Lugia
15 Mega Luxray
16 Mega Crobat
17 Mega Samurott
18 Mega Greninja

It already has ash Greninja but only ash can do that so it should get a mega evo!

19 Mega Ho-Oh V 1 Comment
20 Mega Breloom
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1. Mega Flygon
2. Mega Milotic
3. Mega Arcanine
1. Mega Flygon
2. Mega Milotic
3. Mega Dragonite
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