Top Ten Mega Man Robot Masters We Hope Never Exist

Capcom has come out with a lot of terrible & odd ball robot masters over the years, here are the robot masters we never want to see in any upcoming mega man game.

The Top Ten

1 Toilet Man

I think that this would be pretty ' cool, but you never know, Capcom ran out of ideas a long time ago (ie. Centaur man, dust man etc. ) If they ever do make more robot masters though, this one would most likely be a total flop. - llamabaconllama37

Weapons: toilet paper, toilet water, barth, toilet brush, plunger, pee and poo. Ultimate attack! FLUSH!

Urinal Man might be scarier... - Entranced98

Weapon: pee poo barth toilet water toilet brush plunger and the ultimate attack! FLUSH!

2 Garbage Man

Garbage man is weakened by air freshener man's attack

Garbage man is weakened by air freshener mans attack

Junk Man's younger brother. Also easy, and smells bad.

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3 Mermaid Man

Copyright infringement would happen

We have splash woman so we do not need a mermaid man

We already have one. Maybe you heard, her name is Splash Woman.

Nickelodeon would not be happy

4 Radio Man

Well at least his stage has a very catchy tune (when its not playing Justin Bieber)

Special attack killing you by playing Justin Bieber over and over. - egnomac

Attacks: Play a Justin Bieber song until you die
Weakness: IPod man's weapon
Weapon you get: High Volume

5 Lawn Mower Man

Lawn mower man is weakened by dog poo man

6 Bowling Ball Man V 2 Comments
7 TV Man

T.V. mans attack is super effective on fat lazy American man

8 Camera Man V 1 Comment
9 I Pod Man

This robot master is not as good as ipad2 man

10 Cash Register Man

Cash register man is weakened by gangster man

The Newcomers

? Twin Towers Man

The list said "robot masters we hope never exist." - MrLoser

The Contenders

11 Porn Man

He was going to be in mega man 1 but capcom thought he was too inapropriate.
Weapon: stare at a inapropriate magazine for a long time.

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12 Fegelein Man
13 Autism Man

This entry is offensive remove it

This robot masters stage is a special ed classroom

So sad but true laugh out loud - drdevil

All these little children are getting offended ha

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14 Frick Man (SammyClassicSonicFan)

Special attack: Screaming the stupid fake swear word in the beginning of his name at you repeatedly and annoyingly

LIKE SOOONNNIC! GRRAHHH! Sonic has improve over the years!

Me: Explain Sonic Boom... - Chaotixhero

His attack:

"You ' fan-fricks ruined (starts writhing around on the floor like a lunatic) MEGAMAN, URRRGH! FRICK! FRICK, OW, FRICK! FRIIICK! URGH, FRICK! THIS IS STUPID! URR, CURSE YOUUU! CURSE YOU MEGAMAN FANBASE! " - xandermartin98

15 Kenny Man

Man this robot master is so easy that you do not need to press a single button to complete his stage!

Stan man:oh my god you killed kenny man. kyle man:you ba... I mean weapon got: cheap poor used broken old buster.

Easist boss ever. When you first enter the arena kinney gets hit by an astroid

16 Bieber Man

This robot master sounds terrible! And I thought the wily capsule was annoying

He would kill you before you even teleport in because his music is ear bleeding

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17 Dr. Wily Man

I guees dr. Wily wanted to make a robot master that looks just like him

18 Egg Man V 1 Comment
19 Plane Man V 1 Comment
20 Diii Dong Man

Weapon: dress up like a kangaroo and have rush rip the kangaroo but then dii dong and mega man makes that face

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