Top 10 Mega Man Robot Masters

Mega Man is fun for so many robot masters but which one is the best?

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1 Metal Man

He got my vote for best robot master in 2. Great design, best stage in the game, and great music. I'm not a fan of his fight though. It's cool to watch because of the conveyor belt, but I don't like the pattern of his blades. That's the thing with me: on one hand I'm not good at fighting Metal Man (on hard mode at least), but on the other hand I never understood why burner man is consider too hard. Also, his weapon highlight one of Megaman 2 biggest weaknesses: the weapon selection being the worst Megaman weapon selection in the franchise besides x7, and maybe x6. The reason for that is not only most weapons being boring or useless, but also most weapons are overshadowed by Metal Man's weapon: the metal blade. Personally, I don't like this, even though it's kind of fun to use because of that. I love the sound effect especially.

Normally, I'm the kind of guy that have an opinion different from others. For example, I think that all 6 megaman on the NES are the best NES games by far, but many people will disagree by saying that smb3 is better. However, I agree with most people when they say metal man is the best. His level gets the job done even though I prefer Air Man stage in this game. Metal Man stage music is one of the greatest Megaman music even though I prefer Quick Man stage music. He is one of the coolest looking Megaman robot and he have a pretty good fight that can be challenging in hard mode (at least without quick boomerang or ya know). However his greatest attribute is his weapon. Metal Blade is not only cool looking, it's very effective to kill any enemy that can take damage from it. The only problem is that it's actually too good but even then I don't care. Now, to contradict Ice Man fans, I think Freeze man from Megaman 7 is better.

I like him, but Quick Man is better. His design is cool because it is taken from Optimus Prime, his stage is a bit hard but fun. When you get to him, however, his fight is simple. He throws a bunch of metal blades I think but when you see him back at Wily Castle, he takes an insta-kill from his OWN WEAPON! Speaking of them, the metal blades... Well... You knew that...

He has an awesome weapon and looks incredible

2 Ice Man

In the first place ice man looked weird but in the remake he,s adorable only under mega Man and rush

Hey metal man person the reason ice man is at the top is because he beat chuck norris before!

There's two things that can defeat chuck norris: bruce lee and cold weather because chuck norris is a texan and everyone from Texas can't stand cold weather. this is not a stereotype I'm from Texas and we texans hate the cold. So after chuck norris killed all of ice mans freinds, ice man got revenge and defeated chuck norris with negative infintity cold weather. man that movie was epic!

Admit it people iceman is #1!

3 Snake Man

The only problem is the end of his stage, with those cloud platforms that have the bad collision.

I enjoyed Snake Man quite a bit. I love his design, it's very original! His stage is great, and his weapon is surprisingly usefull because of the level-design convincing you to use this weapon. His fight though, I'm not a big fan of, and I don't know exactly why. He is very good overall though.

Ah, Snake Man. His design is cool. There is not much of a backstory or famous point for him, but that's fine. His stage is fun but a bit hard. The theme music is catchy. When you get to him, he matches you to an easy fight if you have the Needle Cannon. Without it, he may be a bit more harder. Sadly, I think his weapon is only really useful on Gemini Man. I wish the Search Snake can grab items, but it just looks weird when you shoot it as well. It may pack a punch, but for flying enemies, which is like a quarter of Mega Man 3, you are better off with Shadow Blade. But still, Snake Man is okay, and he is awesome as well.

Snake man has a cool design and a cool power

4 Cut Man

Cut Man is a great example of world 1-1 syndrome. People use the fact that it's iconic just to justify how good he is. Even then, world 1-1 is a great tutorial for Super Mario Bros. Cut Man isn't that great! I would even go as far as saying Cut Man is one of the weakest robot master in the series. I have to say his design is very cute at least. I mean he looks like a teletubbies! It might look like an insult, but trust me, it's not. His stage is very disapointing. There is not a single memorable thing about it. it's fight could have been really good if he didn't take recoil after every hits he received. Finally, the Rolling cutter is in the category of weapons that are not a torture to use overall, but why would I ever use it outside of Rolling cutter only challenge? Overall, I think Cut Man is overrated.

Everybody knows this guy. I mean, he's the most iconic robot master of all time besides Metal Man

He's a funny and well designed character. He's also a great robot master to fight first.

"I'm going to make paper dolls out of you! "

5 Fire Man

He gets my vote for the best Megaman 1 robot master. His stage is the best in the game, his design is the most creative in the game, and the Fire Shield is my personal favorite weapon in the game. His fight is very bad though! It's one of the worst in the series! It's impossible to dodge most of his attacks until you realize you can just stay in place and jump over his projectiles. Then it becomes one of the most pathetic fights in the series! Basically it's either too hard or too easy, with the pure balance of the two missing. Even then everything elese about Fire Man is so awesome that it doesn't matter.

Its cool how when you get his weapon you shoot a giant fire wave and have shield around you when it happens

Cool weapon, cool theme, cool robot master.

The very first robot master I ever fought in the series, ever.

6 Shadow Man

In the comic, he is an alien robot ninja, I mean, that's kind of awesome, and his shadow blade is amazing, although it kind of sucks that he is weak to Top Man, but other than that, he awesome.

Shadow man is a ninja and throws ninja blades and can kick your butt enough said

It sucks he's mistaken for that overrated Hedgehog...

No.6 should've been Crash Man

7 Skull Man

His weapon is basically a better version of wood man's.

Awesome but his weapon is a leaf shield clone

Skull Man is amazing

This guy is awesome, the only downside is his weapon (which is practically useless)

8 Elec Man

Lol I like how ElecMan.EXE from Battle Network is the artwork

His theme song sounds extremely reminiscent of the song Faithfully by the band Journey.

His electricity powers are cool

Cool theme song (REM - All the Right Friends), awesome level design, nice outfit and also has one of the most devasting attacks of the series (at least to Megaman)

9 Pharaoh Man

Very cool design, but I wish that he was in a better game in the series.

This dude is awesome. His design matches that of a real Pharaoh, his stage is AMAZING (the theme is too), he appears in Archie Comics a lot, and his fight is fun. His weapon has to be one of the top three best in the whole series. The Pharaoh Shot can charge to make a ball next to you that can hit enemies, and it can be shot in multiple directions, I think.

Mega man 4 is my favorite of 1-10 as I have only ever played the mega man collection 1 and 2 and he is definitely the best

Pharaoh Man has an epic and inspired design, an excellently useful weapon, is EXTREMELY cool in the comics and has a great stage with good music, not to mention having a difficult battle.

Oh and there was that one time on the T.V. show where he SUCKER-PUNCHES MEGA MAN IN THE FACE after the blue bomber attempts to steal his power. Pharoah Man is the greatest.

10 Quick Man

First off, the music in his stage is awesome. Some of the best in Mega Man history. Second, his stage is basically a death trap for those who haven't beaten (The worst robot master in mega man 2 Man). Third, his boss battle is just so much fun to beat, and it really gives you a sense of accomplishment play around you. Easily a favorite in my opinion. Oh, and I forgot to mention the Quick Boo... (Recording Ends. )

Nah not really. in my opinion Splash Woman should be here. When I think Quick Man I think of a naruto reject.

Quick Man is one of the best robot masters ever, he matches the same awesomest as Shadow Man, and with all those instant kill lasers in his stage, now that's hard core, and the boss battle is sick, I mean, it's completely impossible to just take him down with the mega buster, I just have to say that Quick Man, is one of the most brutal Robot Masters EVER!

Firstly, he is an extremely deadly robot master and secondly, he is able to put every robot master to shame with his insane speed
Vote Quick Man for president

The Contenders

11 Gemini Man

Gemini Man is my number 1 favorite

He would look a lot cooler with a cape.

12 Heat Man

He resembles a lighter so that's cool

13 Galaxy Man

He's easily the cutest, with a cool stage and a badass theme

Great theme

So cute!

14 Guts Man

He could easily defeat and robot master

He doesn't even need a weapon

Dr. Wily's favorite, lol.

He is well designed

15 Wood Man Wood Man (Uddoman) is a combat Robot Master created by Doctor Albert W. Wily using natural hinoki cypresses.



16 Sheep Man

The developers' answer to us criticising their robot designs.

Probably the most what robot master. I love it.

I agree cool design and a good level and gives a good fight but he needs to have a better weapon.

So bad it's good.

17 Crystal Man

In the ruby spears cartoon he nearly killed mega man twice, has a lot of authority over cut man and guts man, him and pharaoh man are the only ones that didn’t run when mega man took their powers, and he survived his battle against mega man.

I love this dude

He is awesome

18 Splash Woman

The first female robot master!

Why is splash woman number 23?

She has an awesome level

Splash woman is number 1

19 Magnet Man

Come On He Made It To DEATH BATTLE

20 Centaur Man

M Bison: "Of course! "

You are a Man that is Horse and a robot making you manhorsemanbot

21 Flash Man

He's cool because he can stop time


The coolest master out of Megaman 2. He also reminds me of Choshinsei Flashman

22 Plant Man

I love plant man. I think he is awesome in my opinion( I don't like the ending part of his level, though) but plant man is awesome! From his design to his fight, its amazing!

His stage is so colorful, you'd think this is an SNES game.


23 Spark Man
24 Napalm Man

This guy is a total beast that is very powerful and hard to beat

How Megaman V got banned in Vietnam

25 Needle Man

Most underrated robot master in megaman 3

He has a sink plug on his head. also his weapon can rapidfire

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