Top 10 Mega Man Robot Masters

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41 Oil Man

Its kinda sad how there are not that much oil power robot masters

42 Star Man V 1 Comment
43 Napalm Man
44 Tengu Man
45 Wood Man V 1 Comment
46 Pump Man

Good theme, good stage, nice design, awesome weapon.

47 Bubble Man V 2 Comments
48 Top Man V 2 Comments
49 Stone Man

He's cool cause he can throw stones

V 1 Comment
50 Shade Man

He gives you a proper bow at the start of his boss fight, he has TWO awesome themes for his stage, and his weapon isn't too shabby either. Also, he's super cool in Hitoshi Ariga's manga series, being clever, classy, and calm. What's not to love about this robotic vampire?

51 Frost Man

He is the biggest robot master of all time

52 Grenade Man
53 Tails Man V 1 Comment
54 Tomahawk Man

He is so awesome.

55 Sword Man
56 Aqua Man

I wanna Astro Crush him so badly... At least his NetNavi counterpart likable...

V 1 Comment
57 Plug Man
58 Ballade
59 Hard Man

His weapon, theme, stage, and boss fight are all good. The only thing keeping him from being higher on the list is his name. Come on people grow up! He's hard as in tough because half of the mm3 weapons don't hurt him. He's also made of ceratanium. He's not hard as in he well... you know...yeah...

60 Bright Man

Why do people think he is so annoying? His theme, stage, design, and weapon is good AND I love making jokes off of him. "I'm going to knock out your Bright Man! "

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