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61 Ballade
62 Hard Man

His weapon, theme, stage, and boss fight are all good. The only thing keeping him from being higher on the list is his name. Come on people grow up! He's hard as in tough because half of the mm3 weapons don't hurt him. He's also made of ceratanium. He's not hard as in he well... you know...yeah...

63 Bright Man

Why do people think he is so annoying? His theme, stage, design, and weapon is good AND I love making jokes off of him. "I'm going to knock out your Bright Man! "

64 Dive Man V 1 Comment
65 Gyro Man
66 Wind Man
67 Yamato Man

I know Yamato man's power is not great and the boss fight is only a mild chalenge but his stage and music are great plus he's a samurai. It does not get better than that.

V 1 Comment
68 Freeze Man
69 Junk Man
70 Burst Man
71 Astro Man
72 Search Man
73 Concrete Man
74 Jewel Man
75 Hornet Man
76 Magma Man
77 Commando Man
78 Chill Man V 1 Comment
79 Strike Man
80 Nitro Man

My favorite Robot Master OF ALL TIME! First of all, his design is based off a motorcycle and he can TURN into one. Second, his stage is a highway at the night and his theme is awesome. His fight is also fun too, where you have to jump over him several times, and then when he releases his wheel cutters like a boss. His weapon is just underrated. I LOVE WHEEL CUTTER. You can climb walls with it, use it like a chainsaw, or just make it go super fast and slice enemies like Norris. Why is he only 76? He is my absolute FAVORITE!

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