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21 Mega Ho-Oh

You cannot mega evolve this Pokemon

22 Mega Articuno

Can't mega evolve

23 Mega Diancie Mega Diancie

My only Word: AMAZING

24 Mega Kangaskhan

I have secret rare mega kangaskhan

25 Mega Zapdos

You cannot mega evolve this Pokemon

26 Mega Sceptile

Guys vote for it is has the best design ever and enough and I could say more than that the curios 1 blastoise so please vte for it

The best thing about mega evolutions is that pokémon become that much more awesome.

Badass with the added Dragon type. Best Hoenn starter

Vote for this guy he can one shot swopart whith leaf storm

27 Mega Sharpedo

Super strong, cool and a bad dude

This thing is monstrous

28 Mega Scizor

! Chainsaw hands! I'll punch yo face with then bullet punches.

Okay. Let's get mega scizor the ability Techinichian. This will double the power/damage of moves with a base power of 65 or below. Now we have bullet punch. Bullet puch is a steel priority move which scizor will get STAB from, but also Technichian will double it. Now with Technician and STAB in play, Bullet punch has a base power of 120! That's like a brave bird or flare blitz, without the recoil and always goes first. Give him full Attack EVs and his atack stat reaches 394 at the absolute highest, give him swords dance, and his attack stat will double to a little over 700! For the rest of the EVs give him a spread of special defense and hp (however you want) and you can in most cases survive a flamethrower. But let's go back, yet again to bullet punch and swords dance. We now have an attack stat of 788 at the very most (with a attack boosting nature) and the power 120 bullet punch. With this I have hit ground/fire/steel types for around 25% of their health sometimes more! Even though ...more

29 Mega Tyranitar

Amazing, insanely high defense, sp. Defense and killer attack! Even his speed is insane, also his mega evolution adds a lot to all stats except sp. Atk!

30 Mega Swampert

I think mega swampert is number 1 because he is the evolution of mudkip and mudkip is beast

Looks like Swampert skipped leg day

So I herd u liek mudkipz

31 Mega Camerupt

Bo this card is sucking at 39


32 Mega Gallade

Mega Gallade has sharper blades than Gallade, it is a fighting and a psychic type Pokemon and it looks very sick with it's awesome cape.

My mega gallade is my best mega next to loppunny


33 Mega Houndoom

He exits I did not know that #oblivious

I like dogs he is a beast

Houndoom is sooo awesome and amazing he is a giant beast he is my most favorite pokemon.


34 Mega Manectric

Weakling, especially for a mega.

Best mega ever

35 Mega Abomasnow
36 Mega Medicham

Pure Power Mega Medicham with Power up Punch = OP

37 Mega Mewtwo Y
38 Mega Heracross V 2 Comments
39 Mega Aggron V 2 Comments
40 Mega Banette V 1 Comment
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