Top 10 Megadeth Bonus Tracks


The Top Ten

1 My Creation

Bonus Track for Rust in Peace - christangrant

2 Crown of Worms

Bonus Track on Countdown to Extinction - christangrant

3 Absolution

Instrumental Bonus for Youthanasia - christangrant

Marty nailed the whole song alone. then it got ruined in Trust

4 Duke Nukem Theme

Japanese Bonus Track on Risk and this was also the best song from Risk... - christangrant

5 Melt the Ice Away

Budgie Cover Bonus Track for Dystopia - christangrant

6 Out on the Tiles

Led Zeppelin Cover bonus track for United Abominations - christangrant

7 Me Hate You

Bonus Track on Dystopia - christangrant

8 A House Divided

Bonus Track on Super Collider surprisingly one of the better songs from the album - christangrant

9 One Thing

Japanese Bonus Track for Cryptic Writings - christangrant

10 All I Want

Bonus Track on Super Collider - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Coming Home

Bonus Track on the World Needs a Hero - christangrant

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