Best Megadeth Songs After Rust in Peace


The Top Ten

1 Symphony of Destruction - Countdown to Extinction

Good song,but really overrated - DejanKalinic

2 A Tout Le Monde - Youthanasia

One of the best metal ballads ever - DejanKalinic

Please, stop voting on "Symphony of Destruction". It's great but Megadeth made so many better songs... listen to some more Megadeth's work and then make your choice.

My top 15 for this list:
1. "Sudden Death" - Th1rt3en (absolutely insane guitarwork and great overall mood of the song)
2. "Back in the Day" - The System Has Failed (awesome and energetic... and just epic)
3. "A Tout Le Monde" - Youthanasia (beautiful ballad, don't hit me, but in my opinion it's even better than "In My Darkest Hour")
4. "Trust" - Cryptic writings (second great ballad, worse than "A Tout Le Monde", but still awesome. Intro absolutely kicks ass)
5. "Victory" - Youthanasia (most underrated gem on Youthanasia, incredible solo and great vocals)
6. "The Scorpion" - The System Has Failed (one of the best songs Mustaine has made since the return in 2004, awesome chorus and overall mood)
7. "Fatal Illusion" - Dystopia (definitelly the best song on their new record, Effelson is ...more

3 Angry Again - Hidden Treasures
4 Sweating Bullets - Countdown to Extinction
5 Head Crusher - Endgame
6 Trust - Cryptic Writings
7 The Scorpion - The System Has Failed
8 Blackmail the Universe - The System Has Failed

"Cold Wars are heating up again...".
This lyrics are Mustaine at his best, easily. No, it's not their best song, Holy Wars still is, but ide definitely one of their best. Riff mania all the way.

9 Ashes in Your Mouth - Countdown to Extinction
10 Dystopia - Dystopia

The Contenders

11 Back in the Day - The System Has Failed

My favourite song from "The System Has Failed", awesome energy from the very beginning to the very end. In this category loses only to "Sudden Death". Well maybe it's a draw between this and "A Tout le Monde". Anyway, definitelly top 3.

"Symphony of Destruction" is awesome but overrated as hell.

12 Poisonous Shadows - Dystopia
13 Sudden Death - TH1RT3EN

The best modern megadeth song. Guitars are completely insane.

14 The Threat is Real - Dystopia
15 How the Story Ends - Endgame
16 The Hardest Part of Letting Go... Sealed with a Kiss - Endgame
17 Washington is Next! - United Abominations
18 Public Enemy No. 1 - Th1rt3en
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