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61 Victory - Youthanasia

Probably one of my fave songs of megadeth, defiantly deserves at least 10th in the top 10.

Dude how is this way down here 1 of megadeth best songs by far just listen to it

62 Millenium of the Blind - Th1rt3en
63 Sweating Bullets

Great tune! Should be so much higher!

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64 Never Dead - Th1rt3en

This song, shows definitely that Megadeth is better than ever. It competes with a lot of their old school songs. This should be top 20 at least! It's riffs are awesome and it's brutal!

Megadeth back to their roots here!
Certainly reminiscent of the Peace Sells/RIP era, and the riff, drums, solo, vocals... The riff underneath the solo is better than the actual solo in my opinion, and the solo is blistering!

Glad to have Dave back here!

65 Mary Jane - So Far, So Good... So What?

So underrated song! Top 3 in my list.

66 Poison Was the Cure - Rust In Peace

59? Number 59? This is one of the most recognizable bass riffs in the world! The guitar is epic and also a great solo!, unbelievably not in the top ten...

Awesome song! Awesong riffs! Megadeth and Dave Mustaine are gods! One of the songs in the Rust In Peace album. Heck, the album is pure awesomeness!

Thank you Megadeth!

What a song. To me this song is the definition of thrash metal. Pure Awe when the riff explodes.

Why is this so low? It has everything to be a top song not to mention Friedman's work here. - alert23

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67 1000 Times Goodbye

This is MY FAVORITE Megadeth song! It's great! The feelings, the lyrics, the solos... Only Dave Mustaine breaking up with his girlfriend on the phone while tapping his guitar!

I don't understand why it's at 70... It should at least be in top 20... Great solos, awesome outro! We ned more votes guys

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68 Never Walk Alone...A Call to Arms - United Abominations

How the hell is this not in first place? Its pretty fast, has the well placed solo near the end, and the lyrics are beast... Best megadeth song ever in my opinion... This or mechanix

Never let you walk alone, I love you when your still hating me...
Awesome song how could it be 54th?
Really? Come on!
This is on my top ten on 5th.
It has EPIC riff!

69 Rattlehead - Killing Is My Business, and Business Is Good!


From the first seconds of the song I loved it... the riff is awesome... and this song has a lot of short solos in between that are great...

Personally, this is my favorite megadeth song ( yes, on top of holy wars) I'm not saying is their best song,but its just so fun that it's my favorite

70 Return to Hangar - The World Needs a Hero

Amazing song, it has a different vibe from the original, but definitely lives up to the first. - sk8er7890

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71 5 Magics - Rust in Peace

Why is this listed again? The song is named Five Magics and is somewhere in the top 20, it doesn't need to be here two times, even if it's a great song

Incredible muscianship on this song on guitar, bass and drums. The slow intro just builds into a thrash classic.

At the least top 20! Is so underrated...

What? HOW on earth is this at no 66

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72 99 Ways to Die - Hidden Treasures
73 Fatal Illusion - Dystopia

Endgame sucks compared to this. This would be in my top 10, and The Threat Is Real is great as well. Sounds like a more recent, dark version of Peace Sells that you would hear in the soundtrack of a movie.

Crush the Head Crusher, Fatal Illusion is much better. If this continues, this should be the best album since Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction.

I think Megadeth has really got something good with their new more aggressive sound, they're moving in the right direction and soon songs from this album will be in the top ten.

Sounds better than super collider so I'm getting dystopia.
When I saw the track listing I thought that this album was gonna be called fatal illusion.
Good single

Fantastic tune.

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74 Black Swan - Th1rt3en

Great chorus, great guitar, amazing singing, definitely best song from Th1rt3en, give a listen if you haven't

Whoa! 86? Way underrated. This song absolutely rocks. Rips you apart, from A to Z.

75 13 - Th1rt3en

39?! What the hell people? This song is easily int he top 20! Think about it. Most megadeth fans of today's generation started listening to them at 13. It's a classic! Give it a try pretty please. - danielnemirovsky

This song is such a classic! I guess it needs time for people to understand it, but I think this is one of their best, because it is actually melodic whereas most of their songs are fast.

This song is great! Must be in top 10

Top 5 for shore from an awesome album

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76 Dance in the Rain - Super Collider

Number 83? Really?
Just because it's not thrash metal anymore, it doesn't mean that this song is bad.
In fact this is one of the best songs from Megadeth as it's really powerful and the meaning behind the song is very deep.
So stop being ignorant and listen to Super Collider and you will see that the whole album is a masterpiece!

Love the speed up in the first verse, the transition is awesome! Super Collider is a great album.

This song is awesome really :) but will never be like the old thrash megadeth
Holywars is the best thrash metal song ever! - nooreldeen

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77 Bodies - Endgame

The solo is just amazing and the

78 I'll Be There

This song really belongs to top 100 at least. So underrated, one of the best songs on Risk album.

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79 A Secret Place - Cryptic Writings

I just heard this today, it's so awesome

Jeez! What happen to you guys.. this should be on the first 20 if the list.

Beautiful all I can say about this song is thisBeautiful

80 Die Dead Enough - The System Has Failed

This is my favourite megadeth song. - dragon13304

Gr8 Song! one of the best on the system has failed

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