Best Megadeth Songs

One of the Original 4 Thrash metal bands and a very influential group. Dave Mustaine is God and creator of Speed/Thrash Metal.

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81 Blackmail the Universe - The System Has Failed

Love this song!
Megadeth are gods the best thrash metal band I have ever known
Dave mustaine is unbeatable

No Mustaine is not unbeatable. Only 2 persons beat Mustaine:JAMES HETFIELD AND KIRK HAMMETT

This song rocks out as HELL
The riffs the solos and mustaine vocals are awesome
How can nobody on this site vote one of the best megadeth songs!

Take the time to listen to this one because I think there something very good in all megadeth discography!
Its powerful and exiting!

82 High Speed Dirt - Countdown to Extinction
83 Sin - Cryptic Writings

Sin should be way higher. In my opinion, this is in my top 20 favorite Megadeth songs. This song is probably the 3rd best on Cryptic Writings.

84 Use the Man - Cryptic Writings
85 Fast Lane - Th1rt3en
86 Coming Home - The World Needs a Hero
87 Post-American World - Dystopia

This song is much better than no.84. - AdamDestructorJr.

88 Anarchy in the UK - So Far, So Good... So What!

The best version of this song

Awesome cover!

89 Black Curtains - Youthanasia

This song deserves to be so much higher. Why does nobody talk about this song?

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90 Vortex - Cryptic Writings

I hate cryptic writings but I absolutely love this song, please bring it higher and vote!

The beggining riff is awesome

91 Conquer... or Die! - Dystopia

It is the best pure instrumental by megadeth ever! It deserves to be in the top 50 at least... Come on people, a great instrumental is a rare thing.

Its beautiful

Awesome song

89. f$#@! ^* 89. doc manhattan was right.

92 The World Needs a Hero - The World Needs a Hero

What? That song is awesome you poeple really don't understand

93 Kingmaker - Super Collider

This song at least needs to be in the top 30. This is one of the few decent songs in Super Collider and one of the best they made. It also has awesome riffs

The only somewhat good song on SuperCollider with Dance In The Rain, deserves to be higher in my opinion

I don't understand you don't like it

94 Moto Psycho - The World Needs a Hero

Almost sounds like Dave is saying motor cycle instead of moto psycho, but a very cool song though

95 Kick the Chair - The System Has Failed

Megadeth's return to form is embodied in this visceral speed demon.

Love this one and especially it's solo! Can't fall asleep these days without giving this one a listen. Like the other commentator said, it's truly a "visceral speed demon".

This song is beautiful its in my top 5 favorite duel guitar riffs and solo and just sounds so badass

96 Promises - The World Needs a Hero

I can't believe this song is down here! It's one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME! Come on guys!

And when we walk down the street wind sings our names in rebel songs... just listen to it! The lyrics, the melody-just amazing!

I think this song is a masterpiece please vote it

Wft this song should be in the top 5

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97 Sleepwalker - United Abominations

The funniest and most clever Mustaine creation. This song is a special one that they should play live.

This happens to be the first megadeth track I've heard and also the favourite.

The hells wrong with you people? This should be the best one! Ffck!

C' mon! Number 100! It's one of their best songs in the last 15 years. It deserves to be at least in the top 20.

98 Paranoid - Nativity in Black
99 Last Dying Wish - Dystopia
100 Dawn Patrol - Rust In Peace

Why was'nt this on this list?

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