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121 Dread & The Fugitive Mind - Rude Awakening

Insane, godly and seriously one song that deserves to be higher! The drumming is flawless, vocals are maddening and of course the chorus is one of megadeth's best. Putting this song here is an insult to megadeth who consider this song to be one of their best! Vote for it or else the metal gods won't be pleased.

This song should've been in the top 5. I am quite surprised. This song has a very unique intro and good guitar works and has an amazing solo.

I think is the best solo of megadeth after tornado of souls! So nice lyrics and I hear it about 10 times per day!

Extremly good, should be higher!

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122 Forget to Remember - Super Collider

The best song from super collider

123 Bite the Hand - Endgame
124 Anarchy in the UK - So Far, So Good... So What!

The best version of this song

Awesome cover!

125 Duke Nukem - Warchest

Best metal song ever... Give it a try... Will Blow your mind away... Also the most catchy tune ever covered by a band..

126 Me Hate You - Dystopia
127 The Doctor is Calling - Risk
128 Guns, Drugs, & Money - Th1rt3en

I don't understand why no one talks about this song. Seriously, it's great!

129 United Abominations - United Abominations

I love this song. It's great. Good riffs, drums y vocals. UNITED ABOMINATIONS!

130 These Boots - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!

An awesome song please give it a try

131 Bad Omen - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

This is an underrated classic in my opinion. Just listen to gar's drumming in this one. This is as good as The Conjuring, one of the best of Megadeth. It's a shame Dave does not want to play either one live anymore.

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132 Truth Be Told - The System Has Failed
133 Black Curtains - Youthanasia

This song deserves to be so much higher. Why does nobody talk about this song?

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134 I Ain't Superstitious - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
135 Problems - Hidden Treasures
136 Breakpoint - Hidden Treasures
137 Bullet to the Brain - Dystopia
138 The Emperor - Dystopia
139 Die Dead Enough - The System Has Failed

This is my favourite megadeth song. - dragon13304

Gr8 Song! one of the best on the system has failed

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140 A Secret Place - Cryptic Writings

I just heard this today, it's so awesome

Jeez! What happen to you guys.. this should be on the first 20 if the list.

Beautiful all I can say about this song is thisBeautiful

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