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141 I Thought I Knew It All - Youthanasia

one of the melodic songs of megadeth

142 Endgame - Endgame

The chorus riff is so intense after it goes silent for a while, I honestly don't understand why this is 73rd and not at least in the top 20. Chris Brodericks guitar work in this song is amazing and his technique is impeccable. Just like everything else on Endgame really, Chris is a good replacement for Marty.

Why is this song so underrated? The riffs and the solo are amazing.

141st? How? - AdamDestructorJr.

143 Back in the Day - The System Has Failed

Great song with awesome guitar listen to it

I'm pretty sure Duck Dodgers won't be real happy to see this one at no. 83.

Should be way higher on this list.

This song is basically a journey. Of how metal it is what is today, with great vocals and guitars. I bet 90% haven't even heard of this song

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144 The Right to Go Insane - Endgame

Hey, have you ever listen to it? It's unbelievable that this song is not in the top ten... amazing instruments, a progressive song, like five magics.

I'm voting on this one because it just can't be so low. I'm no saying it's a top ten song, but it's great and should be way hihger.


145 How the Story Ends - Endgame

In top 20 this is must be! -

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146 Mastermind - Cryptic Writings

Great song. The intro is so heavy!
In my opinion this is one of the best songs of the Cryptic Writings album.

Awesome song can't believe it wasnt on the list till I added it I guess there arent many fans here -

Gives you Brainiac or Ultron vibes.

147 Insomnia - Risk

I'll do anything for peace.. But I keep waking up...

One of my favourite songs on Risk

148 13 - Th1rt3en

39?! What the hell people? This song is easily int he top 20! Think about it. Most megadeth fans of today's generation started listening to them at 13. It's a classic! Give it a try pretty please. - danielnemirovsky

This song is such a classic! I guess it needs time for people to understand it, but I think this is one of their best, because it is actually melodic whereas most of their songs are fast.

This song is great! Must be in top 10

Top 5 for shore from an awesome album

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149 Dialectic Chaos - Endgame

Probably the best Megadeth instrumental

What?...72? You guys kidin me?.. Eh?
Definitely among top 10.
One of the best instrumentals

150 Almost Honest - Cryptic Writings

This is one of my personal favorite songs by Megadeth! The riffs and the lyrics are so great! Almost Honest should at least be in the top 30.

Wow I thought this would be top 20 since it had radio airplay. Great song!

Living alone...

151 No More Mr. Nice Guy - Hidden Treasures
152 Crown of Worms - Countdown to Extinction
153 Breadline - Risk V 1 Comment
154 Wanderlust - Risk
155 Don't Turn Your Back - Super Collider
156 Burn - Super Collider
157 Ecstasy - Risk

This is a very stylish song with great meaning... It should be in top 30 at least... THE SIN I BRING CALLED ECSTASY

158 I'll Be There

This song really belongs to top 100 at least. So underrated, one of the best songs on Risk album.

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159 Look Who's Talking - Dystopia
160 One Thing - Warchest
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