Best Megan Nicole Songs

The best songs/covers of YouTube sensation Megan Nicole

The Top Ten Best Megan Nicole Songs

1 Summer Forever

Was on MTV, Cox Music Choice and everything!

All of her songs are amazing

All her songs are amazing

2 B-E-A-Utiful

Such a meaningful song... Never gets old.

One of her most viewed music videos and a very catchy song

You are all in here were beautiful

3 Electrified
4 Just Give Me a Reason

Just give me a reason not to love this!

5 Starships
6 Mascara
7 Safe & Sound
8 The Lazy Song

Over 40 million views... Come on

9 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
10 Who Says

The Contenders

11 Fun
12 Glad You Came

I love this song! Awesome Meaning

13 What Makes You Beautiful
14 It Girl
15 Titanium

Shows how truly amazing her voice is, especially in the chorus

16 Payphone
17 Escape
18 Stay
19 Royals
20 Never Wanna Let You Go

Is that the new original song of megan and the songs was awesome

This song she wrote it a years ago. And a new released and I love it 💟

21 Safe With Me
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