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1 All About that Bass All About that Bass Cover Art

I cannot believe that people are writing negative comments about
ALL ABOUT THAT BASS. I mean I love the song, its very motivational, the lyrics are perfect, the beat is very catchy and her voice is MAGIC!

All about the bass is very good in my opinion but since I'm writing this in 2016 it is kind of old well...2 years could have some improving but still very good-From Emma Tempo

It's a good song and I know that it's her most popular,'s not deserving of Number 1. Her vocals are pretty "eeeh" here and it can be annoying at times, but it can also be funny and inspiring.

I love this song. I could sing this over and over again. This song came out in 2014 and it is now March of 2017 and I still love this song. Good job Meghan.

2 Like I'm Gonna Lose You Like I'm Gonna Lose You Cover Art

I believe this deserves 1 over the other two songs. It's really fresh for mainstream pop. Soul Pop is just a great genre of music and songs like this are the one that deserve the radio. Especially if you hate Meghan, you will agree that this is one of the better picks in her music. The song is just very sweet and beautiful and gives the message that Meghan will love her significant other with all of her might.

It shows you that u never know when that person you love won't be there anymore so treat them with all your love every day!

Such a beautiful song! This song would never work with any artists aside from Meghan and John.

This is such a breath of fresh air from mainstream pop! Should be #1...

3 Lips Are Movin Lips Are Movin Cover Art

Most songs about cheating are boring and the same. Saying 'but I know you lie cause yo lips are movin' is actually surprisingly unique and it works well, as shown by this quirky hit.

Lips are moving is totes the best song. It's catchy, amazing and simply fun to dance to. Also, as I heart Meghan Trainor and admire her, this song makes me wanna cry cause it's so cool. Way better than all about that bass.

This is better than AATB to me personally. Meghan disses some lying jackass by exposing him. Kudos to being a savage M train. This one has better vocals, is way more funny, and is very fun/catchy.

Lips are moving was a great song I had it stuck in my head all last night to! And I am not lie, lie, lying

4 No No Cover Art

Meghan? You do know Britney Spears is a terrible pop artist, right? No? Well, that sucks, because copying her isn't going to give you a hit song. Anyways, I feel like the idea for this song was great. It's about having the courage and power to tell a guy who really likes your or even stalks you "No, I'm not going to date you". The problem is the song's execution. Meghan makes the song more obnoxious than it needs to be, especially with the second verse. "If I need a man, then imma get a man, but it's never my priority" is where Meghan gets lost in the song. Meghan, you're rejecting a guy you don't want to date, you're not saying you DON'T WANT TO DATE A GUY AT ALL! She then says, "I don't want you take this personal..." um...what? My problem with this song is that she gets lost in the song and that's why I don't think this should be in the top 5.

I love this song sssooo much. I think it should be in the top three at least. It makes me want to get up and dance. I sing it all the time with my friend. Me and her have to be the biggest Megan trainor fans in the world! I also love marven Gaye, dear future husband, credit, walkashame, tittle, no good for you and 3am! Thank you so much Meghan Trainor!

Whoop whoop! Love this song and my name is finally revealed its Lila because my mom named me that. Anyways I love this song and my friend Macy hates it I am going to show this to her and see what she thinks that's going to be fun. But I am not performing it for my school that has kindergarten to 4th graders because that would be inappropriate with the untouchable and I don't need your hands all over me and it would be hard for me to choreograph that so that's why I can't do that for the talent show. Also at least it doesn't have any bad words in it like her other songs so I am happy about that 👍. So yah I love this song and whenever I am in my kitchen with my mom and it comes in I feel embarrassed because I think she hates this song so I try to destract her with the power of talking. So yah I love this so and I think my dog loves it to.🐈 He's a Boston terrier I found the closest one I could

The song NO is catchy fun and she's kind of teaching a lesson and telling the boys that she doesn't want to be with or touched by them.

5 Better When I'm Dancing Better When I'm Dancing Cover Art

I still don't know why this isn't at least in the top ten. It's one of her best songs and deserves the top 3. It fits Meghan well, it's relaxing, it's fun to dance to, it reminds me of Hawaii, it's from The Peanuts Movie, and it's got great vocals. I play this song when I want to relax.

This is an amazing song! Gets everyone dancing and enjoying life! Should be in the top 10!

This is one of the only Meghan Trainor songs I like.

Her only good song, other than that, meghan SUCKS

6 Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Cover Art

I like the embassy behind the song.Its about to don't convince with looking good but with being a nice person.

I'm your biggest fan know No Lie I'm only 8 and I Know It songs

Love this song...encourages people to be themselves

I love this song no doubt about this song is good

7 Title Title Cover Art

And baby, don't call me your friend, if I hear that word again, you might never get a chance to see me naked in your bed.
This is the best song ever, and please call me your friend! But you're only my friend if we get this song on number 1. Because all about that bass is my least favorite song. It's annoying.

I think that all about that base was a terrific song because the rhythm was great because it has a beat that you just feel like you want to just get up and dance even if you do not like the song. What makes it more perfect is that the lyrics are making people feel good about their weight:).

This to the person who said all about that bass is annoying. You think it's annoying because you listened to it to much and because it's on the radio to much I bet you liked it when it first came out and you said,"I love this song this is Meghan Trainors best songs". Jam done with that now I like this song not love it because, it has to many bad words Meghan you should lower down on the bad words. Also this is an opinion so don't get mad at me and I am only 9 when I first heard this song I was like I am going to dance to this for the talent show but then a burst of bad words came out so yah 😊😊

I love this song so much and every time that I hear it on the radio it makes me feel so great. This song is catchy and is my JAM.

8 Me Too Me Too Cover Art

I really really like that song it is my favorite song that Meghan Trainor has ever made and I am a huge fan of Meghan Trainor.

I'm sorry, but this song is awesome. I don't know why but I think it's super hilarious. You guys take songs like this too seriously.

This song showed that Meghan was continuing to go uphill and that her second album would not disappoint (and it didn't! )

A guilty pleasure of mine, the song is bad, but I like the savage attitude Meghan has here.

9 Dear Future Husband Dear Future Husband Cover Art

Yeesh, the only pros this song has is that it's catchy and that Meghan did a great job with the song on The Voice. Other than that...bleh, this song sucks. The song is basically Meghan demanding that she has a husband who meets all of her requirements. The video literally shows her being unimpressed with all of the "fails" her boyfriends do. Rude. At least in most of her other popular songs, you could interpret the lyrics as musical satire. Here, you CAN'T because she's being serious. I love Meghan a lot, but this was a bad song in my opinion.

Love that song!
Meghan is a superb singer. Love all her songs but Dear future husband has made a specific place in my heart.

Maybe she is feminist but help us to understand woman with this hilarious song

Such a catchy, fun song! My friend and I always sing it together on her Ukulele.

10 3am 3am Cover Art

I saw her tour in August and she was AMAZING! This is one of my favorite songs by her and definitely a highlight of the show! I love Meghan Train or!

A very good example of a 'chill' song. It's not over the top and lyrics are sung in such a pleasant calming manner.

I think this song is so catchy but not in an ongoing annoying way!

Don't wake up at 3am guys. You'll probably hear this song,

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11 Bang Dem Sticks Bang Dem Sticks Cover Art

It has a good beat and normally people who play the drums are ignored.

Awesomest singer alive on Earth and I'm only 8 and I'm your biggest fan and I'm your biggest fan

This song is really cool and makes party humor.

This song is so original and awesome

12 Dance Like Yo Daddy Dance Like Yo Daddy Cover Art
13 No Good for You No Good for You Cover Art

This song just tells a bout how a boy is really cheating on her for Meghan lol I love this song it's the best it she be number 1 best song I always sing it everyday like literally she's the best and Meghan fans want the best for her so I like this one. JUST LOOK AT THE LYRICS YOU'LL UNDERSTAND

I agree with both of the comments this song is AMAZING and I like how she did " who who" I am sure that I like that part. That song is one of Meghan Trainors best hit songs. Also it is about a guy cheating on you if you look at the lyrics �"

Best song I have ever heard written by my favourite artist

I REALLY LOVE this song

14 Mom Mom Cover Art

I love this song Meghan Trainor keep it up

Love this song.

15 Credit Credit Cover Art

It's a really cool song

I liked this song.

16 I Won't Let You Down I Won't Let You Down Cover Art
17 My Selfish Heart My Selfish Heart Cover Art

I'm am the only one that loves you as much as I can love their mother of your senior of your singing

This song is super catchy

Dude this is the best

This song is easily the best of her album Title, all of her songs are amazing but this one is the best

18 Walkashame Walkashame Cover Art

It's my absolute favorite song on her album 'Title'. It is describing how not everything goes perfect and we have are moments but that shouldn't stop us. This song is absolute perfect for some inspiration! Remember I'm only 13 and I am CONSTANTLY singing this to my friends when they are feeling low!

I love this song. When I went to her concert this year I sang so loud my voice started to hurt.

I love this song as much as you love your kids

I had this song stuck in my head for 2 weeks

19 Champagne Problems Champagne Problems Cover Art
20 Feel Better When I'm Dancin'

This song makes me want to get up and start dancing every time I hear it. No matter where I am this song just makes me want to dance.

When I heard this song my head kept repeating the same word over and over; dance, dance, dance. And that's all I wanted to do!

You could dance every Nigerian dance step with this song considering she's American. It's such a unique one

This song is the best. Deserves to be at no 2 at least after dear future husband

21 Better Better Cover Art

Start singing it more input on Liars season all that other people won't notice it more

Emotional and amazing

I love this song

22 Woman Up Woman Up Cover Art

Is the popular song I know you and I know you're songs

Catchy. Yeah. I... I'm a man and I like this.

23 Friends Friends Cover Art

This is the most popular song I know from you and I know all your songs

24 What If I What If I Cover Art

Song is the most popular song on Earth I don't know every single song

Different then her bouncy and bubbles songs I really like this song 😊

Slow but none the less AWESOME!

25 No Excuses No Excuses Cover Art

Not only is this song fun and catchy, it really leaves a good message, you have no excuse to be disrespectful. I think some kids at my school need to hear this song.

I love this song. This song should be somewhere in the top 10

Love to zumba to this song! Thanks Megan So fun!


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