Best Megurine Luka Songs

I just thought since luka doesn't get s list but all the other vocaloids and of course especially miku I thought I'd do luka since she is actually my favorite character and vocaloid please feel free to comment below!

The Top Ten

1 Stay the Night
2 Rip=Release
3 Just Be Friends

How can it be the 9th rank? It's the best song I've ever heard!

Just be friends is a song that can bring confident and lucky to different countries' people.It also can make strange people much closer. And it has its special melody and lyrics,it is one of my favorite songs.I really wanner what will happen when LuKa sings this song.I am looking forward to seeing it!

4 The Girl Who Doesn't Know How to Love
5 No Logic
6 Luka Luka Night Fever

I love this song! Its one of my favourite songs of all time! Sure, the meaning is not as good as Just Be Friends or Lie, but it's so catchy, and I LOVE THE DANCE! Whoa! Why is it only on number 6? Also it has one of the catchiest lines in Vocaloid history! Dame Dame Yo! "

7 Perfect Liar
8 Lie
9 Double Lariat
10 Stardust Utopia

The Contenders

11 Akahitoha
12 The Little Mermaid
13 Secret
14 Corruption Garden
15 Child's Garden
16 Leia
17 The Tailor Shop On Enbizaka

She had an amazing voice in this. She sounded like a real Japanese woman - MLPFan

18 Answer
19 Circus Monster
20 Toeto
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1. Double Lariat
2. Just Be Friends
3. Rip=Release
1. Stay the Night
2. The Girl Who Doesn't Know How to Love
3. No Logic



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