Top 10 Melanie Martinez Songs/Lyrics with Clever Messages


The Top Ten

1 Mrs. Potato Head

I love the lyrics of this song and has inspired me in many different ways.

This songs has litteraly the best lyrics ever.

I love the message through the song love Melanie Martinez forever 💜💚💙💙♥️

2 Cake


3 Pacify Her
4 Soap

Soap is about a guy she likes and when she says the wrong thing, she quickly regrets it - girlynerd21

5 Carousel

Carousel is about a relationship that is going nowhere - girlynerd21

6 Dollhouse

Dolls are considered perfect so in this song they are symbolizing a family who is only perfect when people are watching - girlynerd21

7 Alphabet Boy

If you really listen closely to the song you will realize that the lyrics are in alphabetical order for example, "apples aren't always appropriate apologies" (A) " Butterscotch and bubblegum drops are bittersweet to me" (B) " You Call me a child while keep countin' all your coins" (C) " But your not my daddy and I'm not your dolly and your dictionary's destroyed" (D) - girlynerd21

8 "Potatoes turn to French fries, yeah it's common sense" (Mrs. Potato Head)

This Particular lyric in the song implies that people that aren't considered "skinny" (potatoes) eventually through a bit of alteration will become thinner (French fries) - girlynerd21

9 Sippy Cup

Sippy Cup implies the fact that you cannot give a child everything they want and still expect them to be happy - girlynerd21

10 Cry Baby

Cry Baby is basically about being sensitive and emotional all the time. - girlynerd21

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