Best Melanie Martinez Songs

Melanie actually only has 6 songs and her voice songs.

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21 Too Close

Too close for comfort

22 Gingerbread Man

This song may not be THE best, but I love it! I think it deserves to be up there with Dollhouse.

Should have been in top ten. This song is just so good! I listen to it 24/7

How is this song not in the top tens. It's starred on iTunes. It's a beautiful song

Best song like ever

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23 Dead to Me

What? Only 18th? This song is amazing! Seriously!

This song is amazing should be higher up

This song is awesome - RoseCandyMusic


24 Million Men

This song tells a very sad story. Cried listening to it

25 Crazy
26 Piggyback

I kinda like it but my favorite is Sippy Cup, I just saw this first. - lovefrombadlands

27 You Love I
28 Lights
29 The Ultimate Crybaby Mashup!!

( Search it up on youtube ) I'm obsessed with this mashup because it is every single song on the crybaby album! This is for all of my fellow crybabies!

30 Where Do Babies Come From?

Oh my gosh this song is amazing! If only there were more than just snippets.

31 Smoke
32 Blue Knees

I feel that his song is original like all of her songs, it has a deep meaning (like all of her other songs) if you actually think about the lyrics.

My favorite unnoficial leaked song

This is my favorite of her unreleased songs, it�'s got such a good rhythm

33 Night Mime

This song is amazing! This is such a beautiful song!

Why is this so low

34 Cough Syrup
35 The Show
36 Bulletproof
37 Hit the Road Jack
38 Seven Nation Army

I liked her version better than the original.

39 Dear Porcupine

This is truly one of my personal favorites of Melanie's. It tells about how people made fun of her when she was a kid because of her teeth, but look at her now? She is beautiful in every way!

This is one of mel's best songs! I love it! It's truthful and amazing! She also sings amazingly in it!

40 The One

i love it

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