Top 10 Most Melodic Chester Bennington Songs

I looked at some of Chester Bennington's aggressive songs now I'll be taking a look at some of his more melodic songs.

The Top Ten Most Melodic Chester Bennington Songs

1 Leave Out All the Rest
2 Shadow of the Day
3 Give Me Your Name
4 My December
5 One More Light
6 Too Late
7 Not Alone
8 Castle of Glass
9 Valentine's Day
10 Burning in the Skies

The Contenders

11 In the End
12 The Little Things Give You Away
13 Iridescent
14 Robot Boy
15 What I've Done
16 Numb
17 Roads Untraveled
18 Breaking the Habit
19 Final Masquerade
20 The Catalyst
21 Blackbirds
22 Into You
23 We Made It
24 In the Darkness
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