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21 Whoracle - In Flames

This is the best In Flames album. I can't listen to Food for the Gods enough.

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22 Natural Born Chaos - Soilwork
23 Purgatory Afterglow - Edge of Sanity
24 One for Sorrow - Insomnium

By far the greatest album in this list. Insomnium are truly the greats of melodic death metal.
With songs like "Regain the Fire" and "One For Sorrow" they truly have mastered what it means to play this genre of music, while obtaining a sad and depressive lyrical image which makes even the greats of Doom Metal crawl back to their corners.

This is definitely a Masterpiece! HAIL INSOMNIUM!

Insomnium are the greats of melodic death metal.

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25 Antares - Sybreed
26 Above the Weeping World - Insomnium

This album is absolutely amazing. Every song uses simple but effective melodies, allowing for a truly breathtaking experience. - MistaCrave

This album is a masterpiece of melodic death metal!

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27 Victory Song - Ensiferum
28 For Aeons Past - Solution .45
29 The Chainheart Machine - Soilwork

I also like Follow the Reaper, but this album... This album is criminally underrated. No drops in quality throughout, memorable songs, raw, brutal sound... I especially like the first 3 tracks.

30 Colony - In Flames

I agree with that guy! This album is the heaviest and the fastest

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31 Fate of Norns - Amon Amarth
32 Shrouded Divine - In Mourning V 1 Comment
33 Banquet In the Darkness - Intestine Baalism
34 Across the Dark - Insomnium

This is Insomnium's best album in my opinion. Every song is a masterpiece, lyrically this album beats all the other albums out there. Its heavy and very melodic at the same time. Kind of different album by Insomnium comparing the other albums. Tracks like Down with the sun, The harrowing year, Into the woods, Weighed down with sorrow, Lay of the Autumn, Where the last wave broke are some of Insomnium's best songs and is in this album. Not a single weak song. In every aspect this album is just awesome.

End to end superb

35 Nocturnal - The Black Dahlia Murder
36 The Dethalbum - Dethklok
37 Seventh Swamphony - Kalmah

The best of Kalmah since Swamplord!

38 Character - Dark Tranquillity
39 A Predator's Portrait - Soilwork
40 Damage Done - Dark Tranquillity

Their best album, with great sounding riffs and catchy melodies, yet still retaining that complex and skilful Dark Tranquillity style

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