Best Melodic Death Metal Bands from Japan

List about the best Japanese metal bands, which play Melodic Death Metal.

The Top Ten

1 Imperial Circus Dead Decadence

Great band mixing Melodic Death Metal with Melodic Black, Symphonic and many other different styles. A very cool listen! - Flav

Great band and an original style

2 Serpent

Incredible band, they have only 2 albums so far, but these are insane records! Definitely check them out! - Flav

3 MergingMoon

They mix modern Melodic Death Metal with Electronic Music. For many metal fans (like me) those kind of mixes often sound cringeworthy, but in case of MergingMoon its actually very well executed! - Flav

4 Serenity In Murder

My favorite band of all time. Can also be considered as a symphonic death metal band. Amazing female singer, kill guitars, but the best part is the composition itself. Check it out if you haven't, I never seen anyone who disliked them yet!

5 Thousand Eyes
6 Intestine Baalism

While not fully a melodic death metal band, but a band which combines old school death metal with melodic death metal, they are a gem for both fans. fans of old school death metal shoukd focus on their early output "An Anatomy Of The Beast" and fans of melodeath should definitely listen to "Banquet In The Darkness", which is one of the best melodic death metal albums in my opinion (start with the 2nd song though)! - Flav

7 Sorrow Of Tranquility
8 Shadow
9 Lost Eden
10 Veiled in Scarlet

The Contenders

11 Gyze
12 Mysterious Priestess
13 Blood Stain Child
14 Galmet
15 Another Stream
16 Followbane
17 Nameless One

Nameless one is the best ^o^

18 To Mega Therion
19 No Limited Spiral
20 Regnum Caelorum Et Gehenna
21 Colourfast
22 Thousand Leaves Thousand Leaves A Thousand Leaves is the 10th studio album by the American experimental rock band Sonic Youth, released on May 12, 1998, by DGC Records.
23 Hemorrhoid Carnage
24 Mysterious Priestess
25 Hate God Breed
26 Evilchoir
27 Brunhild
28 Corvus
29 Deathlike Dissonance
30 Subhumanrace
31 Manipulated Slaves
32 Ignis-Fatuus
33 Embrace Selegy
34 Another Dimension
35 Shatter Silence
36 Apocalypse
37 Noxious
38 Plasmajet
39 Serpent Wraith
40 Without a Name
41 Vertex
42 Xecsnoin
43 Apologist
44 Zenithrash
45 My Material Season
46 Plastic Earth
47 Hatred Angel
48 Endemic Fear
49 Faintest Hope
50 Ares
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