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61 The Blind Leader - Kalmah

The tempo is unbelievable. More Kalmah songs deserve to be on this list.

They are better than COB musically and far better than Insomnium.

The guitar solo is probably one of the best guitar solos in the world.

62 The Swarm - At the Gates
63 Beautiful Death - Wintersun
64 Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden

I wanted to vote for 'Twilight of the thunder god' by Amon Amarth but this just made me laugh so hard.

Laugh out loud well technically the song is about death and it is melodic... - BronzeWolf96

This is Heavy Metal, yeah Melodic Death Metal=Death Metal + Traditional Heavy Metal but Iron Maiden are not Melo-Death. - GREYBOYY

Cradle Of Filth made a cover of this song...after listening to it I could no more listen to the original one...Dani Filth and Paul Allender polished this masterpiece to a heavenly(:D you must listen)art of music for me...

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65 The Day It All Came Down - Insomnium
66 Moonshield - In Flames
67 Become the Catalyst - All that Remains
68 Aspect - Be'lakor
69 Equivalence - Insomnium

A 3 minute song, but one of the most beautiful and perfect works of art I have ever heard in my life. I listened to this song by accident, and I'm so glad I did.

Alright. I just heard it as going down through this list. This NEEDS to be on at least Top 20. Pure Melodic.

70 Not All Who Wander Are Lost - DevilDriver
71 The Unknowing - Omnium Gatherum

From the newest album "Beyond". I shouldn't have to add it, it should be already among the best

72 Statutory Ape - The Black Dahlia Murder
73 Pikemaster - Kalmah

Such a powerful song with an awesome chorus.

74 End of Disclosure - Hypocrisy
75 The Groan of Wind - Kalmah
76 The Science of Noise - Dark Tranquility
77 You Will Know My Name - Arch Enemy

This is one of the three songs (all of Arch enemy) which brought me to this genre. What caught my eyes first was Alissa, of course. But later it was the music itself. Fantastic guitars and varied composition.

78 Cold - at the Gates

The best song on an album which helped define melodic death metal as a subgenre.

79 Thank You, Pain - The Agonist

This band was awesome before alissa switch to arch enemy...

80 Victorious One - Norther
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