Best Melodic Death Metal Songs

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81 They Will Return - Kalmah
82 A Blinding Light - Blackguard

Oh god... That's all are just F...K... Try this song and Firefight by the same artist... I found them very recently... They gonna kicked some serious ass within a few time... And I'm sure about the...

83 Bed of Razors - Children of Bodom

Best melodic death metal song.

84 Flame of Sadness - Thousand Leaves
85 Nettlethrone - Within These Walls
86 Evil In You - Kalmah
87 Obtenebris - Skyfall
88 The Fate of Norns - Amon Amarth
89 Alteration - Kalmah

Just listen to the solo and you'll listen to it all day long for the rest of your lives.. Awesome track.

90 Take This Life - In Flames
91 Closed Casket Requiem - The Black Dahlia Murder

THIS SONG IS BRUTAL! I have listened to it every time that I have been in the gym, and it turns me into a beast. The lyrics are twisted, the riffs are insane, the drumming is seizure-inducing... Definitely the best melodeath song ever

92 Come Clarity - In Flames
93 Embrace of the Endless Ocean - Amon Amarth

Top band, top song (been listening to them since 2003)

94 The Trapper - Kalmah
95 Abeyance - Be'lakor
96 Throne of Ice - Before the Dawn

Simply amazing. Especially the intro.

97 Ordinary Story - In Flames

Really a hidden gem. Such a great song, emotional, heavy and just magical. Children of bodom are my favourite ever but I just had to add this song. Chill

People, are you crazy or what?
This song DESERVES to be on top 20. One of the Best Melodic death metal song. Vote this up so the world would know.

98 Artifacts of the Black Rain - In Flames

I love it. Its riffs, its melodies, its solo. It's a timeless classic

99 Thousand Years of Oppression - Amon Amarth

This makes me feel invincible no matter what!

100 Twilight - Edge of Sanity
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