Top 10 Most Melodic Mike Shindoa Songs

Songs by or featuring Mike Shinoda that are melodic. I'll be excluding aggressive songs and it doesn't only have to be Linkin Park his solo songs will be included and his Fort Mino songs will be included to.

The Top Ten

1 No Roads Left

The most melodic Mike's ever been in my book.

2 In Between

Very melodic and solid.

3 Crossing a Line

One of the most melodic songs from his solo album.

4 Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Definitely top five worthy.

5 Invisible

I actually kind of liked this song and most songs from One More Light I enjoy how Mike's vocals are on this song.

6 Burning in the Skies

How could I not this include this? Mike's melodic in the beginning of the song and the end of the song.

7 Ghosts

From his solo album Post Traumatic.

8 Castle of Glass
9 Promises That I Can't Keep

Another excellent yet melodic song from his Post Traumatic album.

Typo: Promises I Can't Keep*

10 Iridescent

Very melodic.

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