Top 10 Melodies of A R Rahman

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41 Azhagiya Cinderella

Dreaming about his girl as a cindrella

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42 Dil Se Re V 3 Comments
43 Anjali Anjali

Fantastic song that merges with lyrics beautifully get the listener to a golden dream

I am surprised that no one had mentioned this song. It is one of his masterpiece

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44 Moongil Thottam (Kadal)

An awesome melody in recent times...again the magic happens between maniratnam and ARR combo

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45 Narumugaye

The most under rated song of AR Rahman

I love ash and mohanlal jodi! and it suits for the amazing composition!

46 Marudhani V 1 Comment
47 Vidukathaiya (Muthu)

A song that brings out tears.. Vibrant voice and excellent composition... ARR implies the god of music

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48 Mausam and Escape (Slumdog Millionaire)

This should at-least be in the top 5. An extremely beautiful piece by Rahman. More people need to listen to this.

49 Aise Na Dekho
50 Enn Uyir Thozhiye - Kangalal Kaidhu Sei

Best all time romantic song...

The best song I know of!

51 Muskura (Yuvraaj)
52 Nenje Yezhu (Mariyan)

I like this song but A.R. rahman voice doesn't suit to this song. Hearing rahman vocal remembers Islamic devotional songs

I think ARR flew right up my heart with this song! really love his voice on it

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53 Poraale Ponnuthayi (Karuthamma)

Heart wrenching song by Swarnalatha

54 Aaromale-Ye Maya Chesave
55 Padakali (Yodha)

A song from AR Rahman's first & only malayalam soundtrack. The upbeat rhythm and vocals make this instant classic, especially for malayalees.

Aw! there you are! so glad that ARR made this song so popular among the people of kerala!

56 Ringa Ringa (Slumdog Millionaire)

Awesome track! Nice dance number also!

57 Sandana Marbile - Nadodi Thendral

One of the Best songs... AR Rahman in his prime

58 Minnale Ni

Helped me cope through some of the most emotional moments in my life

59 Chinna Chinna Azhai - Dil Mein Chota Aasha

This got to be greatest First song by any artist... in the times list of 100 great songs.. this is argubly the most heard song in Tamil.

60 Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera

Every Indian must listen this song

Patriotism is conveyer neatly so touching

The best song ever.. Not just by AR Rahman.. the best overall!

Absolute best

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