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61 Minnale Ni

Helped me cope through some of the most emotional moments in my life

62 Chinna Chinna Azhai - Dil Mein Chota Aasha

This got to be greatest First song by any artist... in the times list of 100 great songs.. this is argubly the most heard song in Tamil.

63 Kurukku Siruthavale (Mudhalvan)
64 Anbe Anbe (Jeans)
65 Nilaa Kaikirathu (Indra)
66 Kandukonden Kandukonden (Kandukonden Kandukonen)
67 Dolna (Parasuram)
68 Chandiranai Thottathu (Ratchagan)
69 Roja Janeman (Roja)
70 Vinnaithandi Varuvaya V 3 Comments
71 Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera

Every Indian must listen this song

Patriotism is conveyer neatly so touching

The best song ever.. Not just by AR Rahman.. the best overall!

Absolute best

V 4 Comments
72 Dil Se

Dil se is perhaps his best... Right from chaiyya chaiiya n jiya jale to aye ajnabi n satrangi re... I like all his albums till swades... Afterwards... Xcpt jodha akbar don't appeal to me... Also theme of bombay is divine... Its difficult 2 choose a favourite.. I would say impossible... But still for me... Dilse title track, chaiyya chaiyya n yeh hasin vadiyan n kehna hi kya would come closer...

This song should definitely be top ten if not in top five, come on! The bass line throughout the song, JUST MIND-BLOWING. Also Rahman's vocal was unique and unmatched. Vote for this guys!

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