Best Members of Impractical Jokers

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1 Joe Gatto

Joe is fearless, and that is what I like about him. Oh yeah, that genie punishment made me like Joe even more. Joe gets my vote

My favorite joker. Sal is my second favorite, though.

Seems the most genuine and humble. Also his wife is an animal activist.

Joe is not ashamed, or scared of ANYTHING! He is definitely the BEST!

2 Sal Vulcano

Sal is the best. He may lose more than the others, but that just makes him more modest. Murr is great to due to the fact that he gets the hardest stuff. Joe and Q are good, but they don't get as embarrassed to do stuff so its not as funny, especially with Joe. All of them rock, but Sal is definitely number one.

Sal is awesome

He has the best sense of humor


3 Brian "Q" Quinn

Just seems like a cool dude

Liked the Quinn name!

Lol its Tony Gunk

Q is the best

4 James Murray

He is definitely the best in my book.

Murr is so funny and adorable!

Deserves to be number 1

Love him so much!

5 Larry
6 Sal's Dad
7 Bessy Gatto
8 Winnie Cooper
9 Murray's Dad

Described on the show as "cooler than murray"
got murray good in that teach tech to seniors prank

10 Benjamin Cat

It's hilarious when he chases sal

I do not like Benjamin Cat that much, but I chose this one ststistically. He has not been punished once, and has never lost a challenge.

The Contenders
11 Ja Crispy
12 Jenna Vulcano
13 Joey Fatone Joseph Anthony Fatone Jr., is an American singer, dancer, actor and television personality. He is best known as a member of the boyband NSYNC, in which he sang baritone.

The 5th Joker!

14 Casey Jost
15 Senior Elanza
16 Tony Gunk
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