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1 Joe Gatto

Joe is fearless, and that is what I like about him. Oh yeah, that genie punishment made me like Joe even more. Joe gets my vote - KingSlayer93316

Joe is not ashamed, or scared of ANYTHING! He is definitely the BEST! - Woozaa

I love how Joe is willing to do more than the others.

LARRY! Joe by far is my favorite and the best joker! - steelers1979

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2 Sal Vulcano

Sal is the best. He may lose more than the others, but that just makes him more modest. Murr is great to due to the fact that he gets the hardest stuff. Joe and Q are good, but they don't get as embarrassed to do stuff so its not as funny, especially with Joe. All of them rock, but Sal is definitely number one.


Its Ja-Crispy

3 James Murray

Murr is so funny and adorable!

He is definitely the best in my book.

Love him so much!

He's so cute. - funnyuser

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4 Brian "Q" Quinn

Liked the Quinn name! - HezarioSeth

Lol its Tony Gunk

Q is the best

Q is so awesome! He takes everything like a man and that’s why he’s my favorite! Also very funny.

5 Larry
6 Winnie Cooper
7 Joey Fatone Joey Fatone

The 5th Joker! - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

8 Benjamin Cat

It's hilarious when he chases sal

9 Senior Elanza
10 Jenna Vulcano
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1. Joe Gatto
2. James Murray
3. Sal Vulcano
1. Joe Gatto
2. Sal Vulcano
3. Brian "Q" Quinn
1. Brian "Q" Quinn
2. Joe Gatto
3. Sal Vulcano

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