Best Members of the Red Faction in Fate/Apocrypha

Ah, 2017. The Year of Fate. As TV Tropes best explains, what with the announcements of the first installment of the Heaven's Feel movie that adapts the titular route from the Fate/stay night visual novel, Part II of the Fate/Grand Order mobile game (now officially dubbed Cosmos in the Lost Belt) along with it finally getting a release in the US, Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, anime adaptations of Grand Order, Fate/Extra, and Fate/Apocrypha, along with the anime movie Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya: Oath Under Snow, 2017 was definitely a great year to be a Fate fan. Setting aside my own opinions on the Fate/Apocrypha anime itself, I thought it'd be nice to at least make a few lists dedicated to it, especially now that it finished airing as of its last episode on December 30th, 2017. Without further ado, here is the list of the best members of the Red Faction in Fate/Apocrypha. Feel free to vote and add to this list.

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The Top Ten

1 Mordred (Saber of Red)

Moedred is best girl. I'd probably say Mordred is one of my favorite Servants in the entire adaptation. Particularly, her tomboyish personality is what makes me catch on to her. With a strong performance from Miyuki Sawashiro, this incarnation of Mordred is one tough cookie. Being able to take things head-on without hesitance, the Knight of Treachery is able to accomplish many feats throughout the anime, whether it be being able to survive Frankenstein's self-destructive Blasted Tree or with the help of Sisigou, deal a major blow to Semiramis before her death. In addition, her character dynamic with Sisigou is probably the most interesting one of them all with their mutual confident man-to-man relationship. Not to mention her past with Artoria is quite delved in upon occasionally at key moments in the anime. Would have been nice to see more of Mordred's past, but for what Mordred brings to the table, she's easily not only one of my favorite Fate/Apocrypha characters, but also one of ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

2 Karna (Lancer of Red)

One of the best servants of all, a noble and fearsome warrior, able to take the saber and the lancer of black in a one on one fight, even his last moments were great

The most powerful, honorable and great servant, not only in apocrypha but in all the fate series

The hero of the charity, son of the sun god, the most powerful servant of all Apocrypha, loyal, humble, honorable and respectable,

The most great servant in the series, deserves more than the screentime he have, not only powerful but great in everything, also handsome

3 Kairi Sisigou

Hmm, this guy's attire quite reminds me of one of the scrapped Servants for the Apocrypha source material (that Servant being Sakata Kintoki). Facts aside, I wouldn't have loved Mordred as much as I do now (though, I still love her a lot on her own merit) if it wasn't for her relationship with Sisigou. While most main character Master-Servant relationships with opposite genders usually turn out into romances, Mordred and Sisigou quite subvert that to an extent. You see, with both of their levels of confidence and determination, Sisigou and Mordred are more on a character dynamic equivalent to that of a bromance, if you ask me. Plus, Sisigou's appearance, voice, action, and strategies just scream all sorts of badass for a necromancer like him. It also helps that he has an extra layer of character to him being that his true wish for the Holy Grail is to bring back his adopted daughter. All in all, Sisigou is quite possibly my favorite Master from Fate/Apocrypha. It's no wonder lots of ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

4 Achilles (Rider of Red)

Fun fact: Achilles is voiced by Makoto Furukawa, the same guy who voices Saitama from One Punch Man. Don't be surprised when you see all sorts of One Punch Rider memes pop up. Especially more so once Achilles had his man-to-man fist fight with his teacher Chiron. Considering the anime doesn't play up his Historical Douchebag Moments, Achilles is quite the Friendly Bro character. And a strong one too with his chariot, shield, and sheer combat power capable of having him take on Chiron several times before ultimately winning against him in a fist fight One Punch Man style. And as stated earlier, he has quite a lovely sibling-like relationship with Atalanta. Got to give the guy some love when he tried to stop her from going down a path of corruption and shared a tearful Final Moment with her. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

5 Atalanta (Archer of Red)

Ah, the calm and collected Greek female hunter Atalanta (at least until she assumes her Agrius Metamorphosis form...). While the anime doesn't delve into her more interesting motivations like challenging suitors to a foot race to the death or joining the Argonauts, what it does for using her backstory of being abandoned as a baby and being raised by Artemis (it's Fate, so don't expect this to be 100% historically accurate) gives us her likable and understandable motivation for wishing all children in the world to be loved. Again, a wish like that is nothing but admirable. And with this motivation, it quite makes up her character and how she impacts the later parts of the story, especially when Jeanne d'Arc exorcises Jack the Ripper and Atalanta begins her descent into darkness due to her wanting to save Jack rather than exorcise her. Hence, her Agrius Metamorphosis transformation... In addition, her sibling-like relationship with Achilles is none other than described as close and ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

6 William Shakespeare (Caster of Red)

Wow, who ever knew Shakespeare could have as much of an Awesome Ego as this Caster of Red incarnation of him? Seriously, EVERY moment he comes on screen is just fun to watch, what with his Large Ham and booming baritone given by Tetsu Inada. Blushing while proudly claiming he won't fight but write, being capable of creating illusions based on one's memories, AND EVEN GOING FAR AS TO BREAK THE FOURTH WALL FOR AN EPISODE PREVIEW; this guy's flamboyance is something to cherish every time he comes on screen! For someone of bronze rarity in FGO, he sure puts on a strong performance and is even capable of breaking Jeanne mentally with enough illusory manipulation. Man, I just love this guy. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

7 Semiramis (Assassin of Red)

Here comes the world's oldest poisoner! The Assyrian queen, Semiramis! This sexy Dominatrix displays quite a lot of deadly spells up her sleeves, even for someone who's an Assassin and not a Caster. From being able to summon the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to being capable of summoning one of Tiamat's offspring monstrosities is a feat quite astonishing especially for a mere Assassin like Semiramis herself. Also, she has a lot going for her with her surprisingly romantic relationship with Shirou Kotomine. Staying until the end to see to Amakusa Shirou's desire be carried out and still not betraying him after defeat, Semiramis is a worthwhile female Fate villain. Now if we can just have her be available for summoning in FGO. SEMIRAMIS WHEN? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 Amakusa Shirou Tokisada

Let's take our minds off of the Amakusa Shirou from the Shimosa chapter from the Epic of Remnant arc of FGO and focus on the original Apocrypha incarnation. And yes, this is NOT an alternate Shirou Emiya in a parallel universe, but rather, an entirely different being all around. While I know some people didn't think he was a good villain back then and maybe now (though I can't quite understand why), take into account his appearances in FGO and his motivation to save humanity and you've got yourself a pretty Well-Intentioned Extremist. Plus, he's got that thing with Semiramis going for him, if you know what I mean. Overall, he's not too bad of a Fate villain and I do see some merit in his motivations. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

9 Spartacus (Berserker of Red)

"Why does Berserker go berserk? " Easy. Because the Archer class is really made up of Archers! Oh, and people die when they are killed. Memes aside, while Spartacus gets the least focus as a Red Faction Servant, his little screen time is at least memorable in the short term. Whether you've played FGO with him in your party or seen him first in Apocrypha, his madness driven by his motivation to kill all he sees as oppressors is nothing short of crazy. And trust me, he's not one to be underestimated when it comes to controlling him. NEITHER faction was able to control him and it was up to Jeanne to deflect his self-destruct attack when he launched a colossal laser in a mutated abomination of his former self. Overall, a short-lived but crazy character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 Feend vor Sembren

Sorry, I needed a filler item to try and fill out this list since there's only 9 main characters of the Red Faction. He doesn't really appear, but he's the former Master of Karna in the Red Faction. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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