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yo mama

He's funny I also like mm7 and w2s

2 Miniminter

Simon is way better than ksi.

3 Vikkstar123

Classic Indian token member - Forhad_765

Best sideman in my opinion

He gets abused by JJ and is always the serious one- him and simon are just OP.

4 Wroetoshaw

Best YouTuber ever!

5 Zerkaa

He is definitely the best sideman along with simon

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7 Be2inga
8 Behzinga

His laugh can clear dark clouds :) He's not the least best Sideman at all

9 Scarce

Hey what's going on guys it's Scarce here. Best meme ever. - Forhad_765

10 Lachlan

Lachlan collaborates more with the Sidemen than KSI, TBJZL, or W2S

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11 JME

Played with the sidemen FC against youtube all stars

12 Calfreezy

Good friend of the sidemen

13 Callux

Features with the sidemen

14 Manny

Need I say more

15 Elliot Crawford

I just like him

16 Wizzite

Along with Lachlan, another collaborator with the Sidemen

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1. KSI
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1. Miniminter
2. Vikkstar123
3. Be2inga
1. KSI
2. Miniminter
3. Zerkaa

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