Top Ten Best Members of Twice and Blackpink


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1 Lisa (Blackpink) Lisa (Blackpink)

Lisa is adorable and so lovable! What's not to like? Plus she not only her personality makes me think I don't deserve to be under the same sky as her, her dancing, rapping and singing are all amazing and inspiring to watch!

Lisa is a goofball but she is also fierce when she is on stage. She is so inspirational because of her singing, dancing and rapping, and she is just a great person.

Words can't describe her... She's a lost angel living on this planet... Highly talented gorgeous girl...

She is beautiful on the inside and outside! I love her personality so much! Not to mention how adorable she is. She needs more focus.

2 Jennie Kim (Blackpink) Jennie Kim (Blackpink)

Jennie is beautiful, can sing, rap, dance, speak english, act badass, act cute, she has it all. Even though her voice is propably not my favourite from the group (because its very powerful and I enjoy soft voices) she is still my bias.

Yah jennie full package girl. Can be sweet & sexy at the same time. Also, she's a very kind hearted person. What's not to love?

She's beautiful and kind

She's savage and nice

3 Rosè (Blackpink) Rosè (Blackpink)

Best - Luckys

Rosé can sing, dance, be cute or sexy... She's a beauty and I love her with my heart. Talented queen and a motivation for me.

I really love rose. She's the one who made me like kpop and learn about Korea more.

I really love this girl. She's beautiful, is the best vocalist in blackpink, and is the second best dancer in blackpink after Lisa. I just hope she gets more love in the future.

4 Jisso (Blackpink) Jisso (Blackpink)

Her personality and elegance bring her beauty to another level
For me, she gives me a warm beauty feeling and according to my opinion she stands out the most to me.

She deserves to be the first one on this list. She has an amazing personality. She is both smart and kind.And her visual is on another level. She is the best for me.

Shes more real than all the other members put together

Jisoo is always #1 for me no matter what. She is so cute and pretty and very beautiful and I think she is the most beautiful in blackpink and the cutest one in blackpink and I like her vocals the most in blackpink and she is really working hard in her dancing and she improved so much and I think she should be number 1 in this list.

5 Tzuyu (Twice) Tzuyu (Twice)

Tzuyu is best and most beautiful

Tzuyu is best for me!

She beautiful

She deserves #1

6 Momo (Twice) Momo (Twice)

She has better dancing ability than Lalisa

Nothing special in my opinion. All of Blackpink would be a better #2 spot in this list, especially Kim Jisoo noona.

She is very cute + pretty + hot at the same time
the new queen of dancing machine
momo is my bae forever!

7 Dahyun (Twice) Dahyun (Twice)

She could be a part time comedian or a variety show host and still do it all


Yay! My dubu your'e the best. For me your'e #1. Your'e making your twice sisters smile!

8 Jihyo (Twice)

The prettiest and talented girl in the list, don’t argue with me, it's my opinion.

Seriously the only one who deserves to be #1 here. She got it all, the brain, the beauty, the leadership, the tALENT and the list is far from ending. It's so sad that she's so underrated and underappreciated because she's a gem ♥

9 Sana (Twice) Sana (Twice)

4 words: No Sana No Life

I think Sana is the prettiest and so do all my friend and family and most people I know

10 Nayeon (Twice) Nayeon (Twice)

Can we just put her in first place along with Lisa real quick...? - Starlite8

Definitely the most adorable fake maknae out there

Stan our bunnie unnie

Cute andattractive


The Contenders

11 Mina (Twice) Mina (Twice)

Elegant Black swan

Mina dressed up as Sailor Venus

She is very elegant and beautiful,she can dance and sing well,and don't forget she is a good ballerina

12 Jeongyeon (Twice)

She was the first member that caught my eye for a long time, and she is super cute and has a unique voice! She should be higher on the list.

I can't believe everyone just underestimate her beauty..she has the proportions of a model and a she is very pretty

13 Chaeyoung (Twice)

She's cool and cute! She can also sing and rap very well!

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