Top Ten Best Members of Twice and Blackpink


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1 Lisa (Blackpink) Lisa (Blackpink)

Best look and moves, noticed she always gets the best lines in the song

They should give her more lines in the songs

She acts differently when she is on stage

A living barbie

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2 Momo (Twice) Momo (Twice)

Nothing special in my opinion. All of Blackpink would be a better #2 spot in this list, especially Kim Jisoo noona.

She is very cute + pretty + hot at the same time
the new queen of dancing machine
momo is my bae forever!

3 Jennie Kim (Blackpink) Jennie Kim (Blackpink)

She is so talented and very flexibility person. Jennie have perfect visual. Her beauty draws attention. She has charisma, swag, sexiness and she is badass but at the same time she is cute and she is very kind heart, caring person

Because she so kyot


She is #queen

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4 Jisso (Blackpink) Jisso (Blackpink)

Jisoo is the best

She is so smart, an intellectual, and more. This girl supports a movie AND a book about a lesbian couple, promoting it on vlives. She loves books and netizens said she got amazing grades. Not just that but her voice is the all-time best in blackpink, her deep vocals, her technique is the absolute winner, and her mr removed LIVE? The all-time best. And her dancing improved a lot, she is actually really good now, if there was a twicepink ranking, Jisoo would rank like in the top 6. And then her acting + visuals? Do I need to even get started? She debuted as an model/actress beforehand so we KNOW she is beautiful, her literal birthday hashtag being goddessjisooday and kpop fans call her miss Korea for her brain, personality, and looks. Her personality adds so much flavor and makes her even MORE amazing, like how?! She is perfect.

Jisoo noona is the clear #1 of this list. Compared to Lisa's rapping, Rose's singing, Jennie's aegyo, and Twice in general, Jisoo is an obvious outlier with killer visuals, an exceptional singing voice, and a personality that outshines her other members. If Blackpink had a leader, it would be Jisoo, since the other members clearly wouldn't be able to hold such a position with their fake aegyo priorities. If Blackpink were BTS, Jisoo would be Jin and RM, a cute mature unnie who is severely underappreciated. Also, I think I might have heard a leaked version of a new Blackpink song; I can't be sure who it was, but I would recognize Jisoo's heavenly aura from anywhere, any medium.

5 Rosè (Blackpink) Rosè (Blackpink)

She is the one in my bias

In my opinion, Rosé is the best vocalist. Her high notes are just amazing! I think Rosé is very beautiful too. But honestly Jisoo has a better visual.

6 Dahyun (Twice) Dahyun (Twice)


Yay! My dubu your'e the best. For me your'e #1. Your'e making your twice sisters smile!

7 Tzuyu (Twice) Tzuyu (Twice)


8 Nayeon (Twice) Nayeon (Twice)

Will always be the best center

Nayeon is the best k pop singer her dancing is also great also her personality and cute face she should be number 2

9 Sana (Twice) Sana (Twice)

I think Sana is the prettiest and so do all my friend and family and most people I know

10 Mina (Twice) Mina (Twice)

Mina dressed up as Sailor Venus

She is very elegant and beautiful,she can dance and sing well,and don't forget she is a good ballerina

The Contenders

11 Jeongyeon (Twice)
12 Jihyo (Twice)

Seriously the only one who deserves to be #1 here. She got it all, the brain, the beauty, the leadership, the tALENT and the list is far from ending. It's so sad that she's so underrated and underappreciated because she's a gem ♥

13 Chaeyoung (Twice)
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