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Hi, I joined this site in the end of 2014 but don't remember the date. I got addicted to this site and wanted to make it look better so I added over 1,000 images and many articles.

I make mostly music lists and I am known for my broad and deep music knowledge as well as my quality music content. But I also make lists about animals, sports and food, to name a few. Most of my lists are about metal music and I am widely considered the best metalhead on this site.

In real life I tend to be a perfectionist which probably shows in my lists, comments and added images. Also, I am one of the most hardworking users of TTT.

Here are some of my favorite lists I made:

My lists with original ideas (some of the ideas were copied many times by other users):
Top 10 Song Titles That Answer the Question "Who Are You?", Top 10 Song Titles That Would Describe People's First Sexual Experience, Top 10 Beverages That Describe Metal Subgenres, Top 10 Famous People that Look Like Criminals, Top 10 Different Songs with the Same Title, Top 10 Song Titles to Finish the Sentence "I Know You Love Me But...", Top 10 Musicians Who Correctly Predicted Their Own Death, Top 10 Band Names that Would Make Good City/Town Names, Top 10 Songs with Yodeling, Top 10 Countries with the Most Interesting Shape on the Map, Top 10 Songs with Backward Vocals, Top 10 Famous People Mentioned in Billy Joel's Song We Didn't Start the Fire, Top 10 Songs with the Most Misleading Titles

Lists made for fun:
Funniest Signs Around the World, Top Ten Metal Songs With Misheard Lyrics, Funniest Genuine City, Town or Village Names in Canada, Top 10 Songs with the Funniest Vocals, Top 10 Most Mind-Boggling Darwin Awards Cases, Top 10 Funny Music Definitions, Top 10 Combinations of Britney Spears and Metallica Song Titles, Top 10 Funniest Musician Quotes, Funniest Genuine Street Names in Canada, Funniest Cover Songs by Metal Bands, Top 10 Animals with Natural Black Metal Corpsepaint, Funniest Combinations of Taylor Swift and Pantera Song Titles, Top 10 Combinations of Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden Song Titles

My lists with images added by me:
Top 10 Luxury Foods and Drinks, Funniest Signs Around the World, Top 10 Signature Foods, Spices and Drinks Coming from a Certain Country or Region, Top 10 Things to See in Montreal, Top 10 Romantic Places You Would Like to Visit With Your Partner or Crush, Funniest Metal Music-Related Images, Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities On the Danube River, Top 10 Props or Costume Mistakes in Famous Films, Top 10 Facts About the Laser Harp, Top 10 Weirdest Liquids to Use In a Spa / Bath

My favorite music lists:
Top 10 Musicians Who Correctly Predicted Their Own Death, Top 10 Hit Songs Passed Up by Other Music Artists, Top 10 Musicians Who Killed Someone, Top 10 Surprising Answers to the Question "Who Has a Bigger Vocal Range?", Top 10 Songs That Led Zeppelin Ripped Off, Best Music Comments on TheTopTens, Top 10 Most Ignorant and Absurd Music Comments On TheTopTens, Top 10 Possible Features in a Non-Standard Song Structure, Top 10 Rock and Metal Musicians Who Suffered Onstage Accidents, Top 10 Music Genres You Respect Without Being a Fan, Top 10 Songs with Unusually Long Lyrics, Top 10 Different Songs with the Same Title, Top 10 Male Singers With the Most Powerful Voices, Top 10 Songs with Parts in a Different Language, Top 10 Backing Vocalists in Rock and Metal, Top 10 Rock and Metal Singers Whose Voices Aged Well, Top 10 Rock and Metal Musicians Who Were Originally Roadies, Top 10 Fretless Bass Players, Top 10 Ambidextrous Musicians, Top 10 Most Misleading Band Names and Music Artist Stage Names, Top 10 Songs to Use in a "Try Not to Headbang" Challenge, Top 10 Songs with Yodeling, Top 10 Songs with the Best Multi-Layered (Overdubbed) Vocals, Top 10 Music Album Covers Featuring Naked People, Top 10 Songs Featuring Heartbeat Sounds, Top 10 Odd Christmas Songs, Top 10 Songs with Unusual / Odd Time Signatures, Top 10 Great Songs With Interesting Stories Behind Them, Top 10 Song Titles Nicki Minaj Would Never Use, Top 10 Actors Moonlighting as Musicians, Top 10 Metal and Rock Songs with Dark Lyrics and Happy Music, Top 10 Music Album Covers Featuring Buildings, Top 10 Bonus and Hidden Tracks, Top 10 Cover Songs that Sound Completely Different Than the Original, Top 10 Rock and Metal Songs to Use in a "Try Not to Sing" Challenge, Top 10 Music Artists that Released Two or More Albums in One Year, Top 10 Songs With Two or More Guitar Solos, Top 10 Bands with Best Twin (Dual) Lead Guitars, Greatest Schlock Songs, Top 10 Songs with Screams Longer Than 15 Seconds, Top 10 Music Groups with a Member that is Openly Gay, Top 10 Rock and Metal Vocal Performances by Teenage Singers, Top 10 Facts About Djent Music, Top 10 Singers Who Would Sound Good in Other Bands, Top 10 Songs in French with the Sexiest Vocals, Top 10 Questions from Song Lyrics, Top 10 Rock and Metal Songs With Surprising and Unusual Elements, Top 10 Songs with Numbers in the Title, Top 10 Songs to Play When Old People Say "Back in My Days, Music and Lyrics Were Better"

My favorite metal lists:
Top 10 Metal Songs Released in [insert a year from 1980-2013, +1978] - a series covering 35 years,
Top 10 Differences Between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Top 10 Death Metal Songs for Beginners, Top 10 Facts About Metal Musicians, Top 10 Metal Bands That Got You Addicted to Metal Music (it was my 1st list), Top 10 Hansi K├╝rsch Vocal Performances, Top 10 Proofs Metal Grammy Awards Are Untrustworthy and Misleading, Top 10 Animals that Could Symbolize Metal Subgenres, Best Speed Metal Songs, Top 10 Bands that Aren't Metal According to Encyclopaedia Metallum, Top 10 Metal Songs with the Best Screams, Top 10 Best Years In Metal Music History, Top 10 Metal Bands that are the Heaviest in Their Subgenre, Top 10 Metal Sub Genres with the Best Riffs, Top 10 Surprising Lemmy Quotes About Metal and Motorhead, Top 10 Metal Musicians Who Were Teens When They Started Their Careers, Top 10 Metal Songs Without a Chorus, Top 10 Metal Songs You Can Irish-Dance To, Top 10 Winners and Nominees of the Metal Storm Award "Best Metal Drama", Most Important Early Releases of Technical and Progressive Thrash Metal, Top 10 Evil / Diabolical Laughs in Metal Songs, Top 10 Metal Growlers with the Most Brutal Growls, Top 10 Non-Metal Musicians Who Like Metal Music, Top 10 Songs With Sustains by Metal Singers Longer Than 10 Seconds, Top 10 Most Underrated Blind Guardian Songs, Top 10 Reasons Why After Forever by Black Sabbath Didn't Create Christian Metal, Top 10 Metal Subgenres that Best Do Specific Elements of Metal Music, Top 10 Metal Songs That Best Represent Their Subgenres, Top 10 Greatest Lines in Metal Songs, Top 10 Metal Sub Genres with the Best Drumming, Top 10 Metal Songs with the Best Intros, Top 10 Metal Songs with Fretless Bass, Top 10 Easy Ways to Figure Out What Metal Subgenre You Are Listening To, Top 10 Metal Musicians with the Best Headbanging, Nile Songs that are the Best of Each Album, Top 10 Funny Genre Names for Combinations with Metal Subgenres, Top 10 Songs that Shouldn't Be on the List 'Top 10 Death Metal Songs', Top 10 Signs Metal Music is in a Very Good Condition in 2016, Top 10 Metal Singers that Can Do Both Growls and Clean Vocals
(and hundreds of lists about underground / underrated metal bands and albums - Coroner, Savatage, Obscura, Primal Fear, Blind Guardian, Blotted Science, Lost Society, Flametal, Laaz Rockit, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Ne Obliviscaris, to name a few)

Top 10 Most Unusual Deaths of Famous People, Top 10 Things That Would Make the World a Better Place, Top 10 Greatest French Persons, Top 10 Animals that Look Like Flowers, Top 10 Most Eccentric Habits of Famous People, Top 10 Safe Car Colors, Top 10 Animals in Canada, Top 10 Celebrities You Wouldn't Like to Interview, Top 10 Situations Where People Would Like to Have a Second Chance, Top 10 Entertainers Who Died During a Performance, Top 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Shakespeare, Top 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sir Christopher Lee, Top 10 Weirdest Celebrity Children Names, Top 10 Celebrity Names that Look / Sound Similar, Top 10 Famous People Who Died from Autoerotic Asphyxiation, Top 10 Inventions Made by Mistake, Top 10 National Flags with Objects Not Commonly Used on Flags, Top 10 Different Cities with the Same Name

Sports lists:
Top 10 People Who Are/Were Good at Both Sports and Music, Greatest European Soccer (Football) Captains of All Time, Top Ten Greatest South American Soccer (Football) Captains of All Time, Top 10 Most Intelligent Football (Soccer) Players, Greatest European Football (Soccer) Goalkeepers of All Time, Top 10 Songs Referring to Sports and Games, Top 10 Two-Footed Soccer (Football) Players of All Time



SongBohemian Rhapsody - Queen
MovieSchool of Rock
ActressMeryl Streep
AlbumRide the Lightning - Metallica
SingerHansi Kursch
Music GenreHeavy Metal


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