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1 Black_Hole Black_Hole

Learned more Science with his memes than in schools Science classes

2 David8642

This guy was great, he just never posts anymore

3 Abode

Possibly the best memedroider... When he posted. He doesn't post anymore so I don't think he qualifies

4 Novagecko Novagecko

This is the company, and thus does not qualify as a memedroider

5 Blurrdd Blurrdd

This is a good one

He has a nice dick


6 Colinhexr

This is the thinker, the are the same person

7 Gay_Thug Gay_Thug

Never heard of him

8 Smoove_Milton Smoove_Milton

No idea who this guy is

9 The_Thinker The_Thinker


He just used to comment a lot, that doesn't mean he is a good memedroider... What about zhentrix_calypso? He is good

10 JakeD

Never heard of this guy

The Contenders

11 Ass_F*****

His profile pick is what made him famous, not his content

12 Juusoz

No idea who his guy is

13 C***_Master_Flex
14 Kiohtel

Is invisible on memedroid

15 derpishinaderp

This dude isn't that good at all

16 Anime_Is_4_Neckbeard


17 Zedric
18 TheDarkMemeRises

He was hated, how is he here?

Cause why not

19 Blank_Comment
20 redmons

This guy has a big cock

Never heard of him



He has dank noots.

22 Twurzy

This guy is my favorite memedroider, he is the best

23 Bl4ze
24 Dat_Boi
25 Bird_Squeezer
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4 years, 39 days old

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1. Black_Hole
2. Abode
3. David8642


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