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1 Burger King Foot Lettuce

I always loved Top15s. It's a channel about scary stuff and something mysterious throught Internet to phenominal events around the world. Since I watch the video about mysterious 4Chan, this meme was born. I kinda find this funny thanks to the guy putting a plastic container full of lettuces and put it into 4chan to make Dylan (Chills) an idiot for making such a funny meme. I always waited for a new video every Tuesdays and Saturdays for some interesting (and uninteresting) topics about the unknown until the comments are full of memes. What happened to my previous experience about Top15s? I'm sure this was one of the best memes that I founf and I decided to try myself to hear some edited versions of the meme.

Number 15: Burger King Foot Lettuce
Number 14: KFC Rotten leftovers
Number 13: Number 1
Number 12: Why am I making this comment?
Number 11: Edgy art projects (also known as a cursed video)
Number 10: TheTopTens
Number 9: Crazy McNuggets lady
Number 8: Song that might play when you fight Sans
Number 7: Cliche Creepypastas
Number 6: I'm sorta running out of ideas
Number 5: I thought this was a 15 countdown channel, not a 5 countdown!
Number 4: Illegal imports (Gum in class)
Number 3: Bronies vs. Furries
Number 2: Emo TikToks
Number 1: Jack in the Box's forgotten mascot

The last thing you'd want to find in your burger king burger is someones foot fungus

This is a really funny meme, but I like Spaghet and Ugandan Knuckles a teensy bit better.

2 Ugandan Knuckles

This meme made Knuckles look dumb and is insulting to his character. He is not dumb. Thankfully, Sonic Forces gave him the brain he deserves.

Loads of people don't like it, but you have no idea how much I laughed on this one.

Best one by far! Ugandan Knuckles is the most beautiful creature to exist.

Ain't that bad for me. But Ebola jokes are downright wrong!

3 Somebody Toucha My Spaghet

Well, as Saberspark says, it was at least good while it lasted before becoming dead. His review on the actual cartoon itself is much better than the memes themselves, though.

The original video is funnier than the memes.

It was funny the first couple times

Still makes me laugh :')

4 Globglogabgalab

He is the only existing being capable of speak enchanting table language

Should be at number 1 or if not, Globglogabgalab will bury you in books

Needs to be number 1. He is priceless. I hope he will never die.

I love books. And this placement is a true treasure trove.

5 Steamed hams

A meme that requires you to think outside the box. Great meme based off of a great scene.

Yes, and you call them Steamed Hams despite the fact they're obviously grilled.

This one's fine

Steamed Chalmburgers!

6 PewDiePie Vs T-Series

Idiotic meme started by an idiotic person who should kill himself. He was responsible for triggering the terrorist attack in Christchurch. If only he hadn't been spreading racism for the sake of followers, those innocent people would have been breathing peacefully today.

This meme is getting annoying.

T-Series passed Pewds by the way \_(-3-)_/

I hated this SUPER BADLY I wanted to die

7 E

It's a jewel of absurd humor!

High iq to get it

8 Big Chungus

He's a big chungus.
He's a big chunky boy.
Such a big bun, yes.
We are so overjoyed
To have a big chunky boy
A big and wonderful chungus such as he.
Such as he.

He's a big chungus.
He's a big chunky boy.
Such a big bun, yes.
We are so overjoyed
To have a big chunky boy
A big and wonderful chungus such as he.
Such as he.

Buns come in all shapes and all sizes.
This one has so many surprises.
I've never seen a giant quite like him.
There's no one like him.
Nobody like Chungus.

Get the game for PS4,
For a limited time.
Don't miss what it has in store.
You're running out of time.
Play the game of the year.
The game with that colossal boy.

He's a big chungus.
He's a big chunky boy.
Such a big bun, yes.
We are so overjoyed
To have a big chunky boy
A big and wonderful chungus such as he.
Such as he.

Buns come in all shapes and all sizes.
This one has so many ...more

Big Chungus eats half of the universe

I don't know how people find it funny.

There is Big Chungus among us.

9 Connect Four

How about Connect minus one over twelve? You'll never be able to stop!

The original four-in-a-row checkers game

They also got old fast.

I like this so much

10 Ali-A Intro

How is this masterpiece not on the list yet

*Blasting oofs into this intro*

*Blasts Alii-A Intro Bassed*

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11 Crab Rave

AKA My reaction to when Trump gets impeached.

Probably the best out of everyone

Nothing to see here folks

Teeny weeny string bikini

12 Logan Paul Suicide Forest
13 Despacito 2

My god I'm literally addicted to this
Imagine if this hit #1 worldwide LOL

The most hyped up song ever, and will forever be the best song.

Alexa, play Despacito. I would stand on a table and yell Des-Pa-Cito!

Love it

14 Hot Pockets

So many parodies that you just don't want to ever eat

Their disgusting

15 Tide Pods

Yeah, the only thing pertaining to this one that deserves to become a meme is Daym Drops's video speaking against laundry detergent consumption.

If you see it somewhere on the internet, the instinctive response is apparently to eat it. Can't argue with that.

Just don't eat them. Why? They are not candy and very poisonous.

Most of the memes on this list really suck!

16 Gru's Plan

Those expressions are good though

17 Johny Johny

Ali A ali a, Yes papa, clickbaiting? , no papa, telling lies, no papa, show me videos, (Ali a intro plays)

Johny johny yes papa
Smoking weed yes papa

Johnny johnny?
Yes papa
Eating Sugar™
Yes Papa! I am eating sugar, because YOU haven't fed me for 7 months! I need food to survive! Why do you do dis!?!

He's staring into my soul

18 January 2018

Don't worry guys, memes pick up around April, it's been shown to have happened in the past

A new year, new memes, new resolution

January memes sucked

At least it was better than the average meme of 2019.

19 Simpsons Sugar Meme

Beyond hilarious on all counts.

20 Bongo Cat

I like it because it's cute and clean. What more can I say?

If you ever feel sad, try watching OR30's Bongo cat song.

I like bongo cat. It one of the more clean ones that is pretty cool. I liked the meme where it did the intro to Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” and slapped the person HARD in the butt. That made me laugh hard.

I won't question how Burger King Foot Lettuce and Ugandan Knuckles beats the w h o l e s o m e b o n g o c a t.

21 Bitconnect Scream
22 Homer Gets Hit by a Chair

"Gee, sorry. It's a pretty standard stunt, Homer."

23 Thanos Car

Where's infinity car

It's truck, not a car. Memers these days.

This is extremely normie.

Thanos car will rek u

24 The Mind of Jake Paul
25 Get Out of My Car

This one is 2017

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