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1 Burger King's Foot Lettuce

The last thing you'd want to find in your burger king burger is someones foot fungus - chiefsraysbolts

I listened to this 50 times yesterday. - EliHbk

The fact this is #1 with tide pods in #2 says a lot...
Especially considering they're terrible memes... - mattstat716

2 Tide Pods

If you see it somewhere on the internet, the instinctive response is apparently to eat it. Can't argue with that. - PositronWildhawk

Most of the memes on this list really suck! - Phillip873

Just don't eat them. Why? They are not candy and very poisonous. - atomicjellyfishdragon

Yeah, the only thing pertaining to this one that deserves to become a meme is Daym Drops's video speaking against laundry detergent consumption. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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3 January 2018

Don't worry guys, memes pick up around April, it's been shown to have happened in the past - Phillip873

January memes sucked - Phillip873

These memes all kinda sucked to be honest - mattstat716

A new year, new memes, new resolution - atomicjellyfishdragon

4 Connect Four

How about Connect minus one over twelve? You'll never be able to stop! - PositronWildhawk

The original four-in-a-row checkers game - atomicjellyfishdragon

They also got old fast. - Phillip873

Got old fast. - mattstat716

5 Hot Pockets

So many parodies that you just don't want to ever eat - atomicjellyfishdragon

Their disgusting

Wasn't funny. - mattstat716

6 Logan Paul's Apology for Dead Body Video

Logan Paul sucks, but I will admit a couple LP memes about this were fine, still pretty low quality - Phillip873

He's not really a meme. - mattstat716

7 Ugandan Nuckles

This meme made Knuckles look dumb and is insulting to his character. He is not dumb. Thankfully, Sonic Forces gave him the brain he deserves.

Never understood this meme... Knuckles isn't stupid.

Dead. - mattstat716

While all the memes here are normie memes, and this became reposted to much, it is still the best meme of all time, not accounting it's status of living

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8 Somebody Toucha My Spaghet

It was funny the first couple times - Phillip873

The original video is funnier than the memes. - Ananya

Well, as Saberspark says, it was at least good while it lasted before becoming dead. His review on the actual cartoon itself is much better than the memes themselves, though. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Not funny anymore. - mattstat716

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9 Flex Glue

The super strong, rubberized waterproof adhesive! - atomicjellyfishdragon

This the only good meme on this list - Phillip873

I take it back, some people actually added good memes to the list. - Phillip873

10 Text Messages

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11 Steamed hams

This one's fine - Phillip873

This one was funny. - mattstat716

12 Get Out of My Car Get Out of My Car

Get out of my car, NOW.
***N O O O O O O O W! ****
(God this meme was hilarious. Still is funny.) - mattstat716

13 Simpsons Sugar Meme

Beyond hilarious on all counts. - PositronWildhawk

14 Deep Fried Memes

They've existed before 2018 (a while before), but they are still relevant! My sense of humor is very ironic so these are perfect for me - Phillip873

15 D Se Dab
16 The Ting Go Skrra
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