Top Ten Good Memes Polluted by Reposts

T hese are memes that were funny at first, but were reposted so much, that they got unfunny and annoying.
I didn't include Harambe, because the Harambe memes were never funny in the first place, and I only included memes that started off as funny.
I don't rank on how much a meme is reposted, but on how much the meme lost it's fun, thanks to the reposts.
The Top Ten
1 Mocking SpongeBob

Nearly EVERY Mocking SpongeBob meme is the same.
It was okay at first, but after a few weeks, it got a bit too normie.

2 Cocaine, So Much Cocaine

Despite the fact that this meme is dead, it was REPOSTED so much before it died out, and all of them are the same.

3 Y u no?

This one is reposted a lot, often with the head of an anime character to make it LOOK original.
The meme didn't start off as that good, but funny in it's own way.
But after a while, it got annoying and repetitive.

4 Troll Face

I actually liked this meme at first, but it got reposted and overused so much, that it lost it's fun.
Back in the day, this 'troll' thingy was EVERYWHERE.

5 Harlem Shake

It was actually pretty fun when it started, and some of the Harlem Shake video's are quite good, but it died out in weeks, and this day, it's not even funny anymore.

6 Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

It started off as quite weird, but funny in it's own way.
But after a while, it got parodied a lot and it lost it's fun.


Started off funny, but people reposted it so much, that its not funny anymore.

8 Doge

This one is reposted a lot, and it was actually okay when it began, but after a while, it got a bit too meh and it was just unfunny because of the amount of reposts.

9 What If I Told You

I put this on the ninth entry, because it can be a little funny at times, but it was MUCH funnier when it started.

What if I told you all of these memes die? Lol

10 Sus
The Contenders

In reality, yeah, you only live once but trying to say it again and again wont do much motivation to others so... toot!

I put this on the bottom, because it wasn't that funny when it began.
But I put it here anyway, because the reposts made this meme worse than it already was.

12 Scroll of Truth
13 Justin Bieber
14 Cash Me Ousside / Howbow Dah
15 John Cena
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