Full-Fledged List Analysis - Top Ten Greatest Internet Memes

NuMetalManiak Memes are garbage.

1. Chuck Norris Jokes: In my opinion, not even close to the best action star. I like Stallone the most.
2. Doge: YES
3. It's Over 9,000!: An old one but a gold one, good thing that Dragonball Z is a great anime otherwise this wouldn't have taken off.
4. Pepe the Frog - Frogs disgust me.
5. Troll Face: Should rage comic faces count here?
6. FAIL: The kind of thing you reminisce about from the time BREAK.com had its small bit of popularity?
7. We are Number One: Well, sadly I don't think Stefan Karl is gonna live much longer regardless.
8. Dat Boi: NOT FUNNY.
9. Harambe. Reminder to all Harambe fans that it was not a Lion King sort of ordeal.
10. Do a barrell roll!: Star Fox sucks.
11. Rick Roll: One of the few I actually like.
12. This is Spartaaa!: This no longer is funny even when referenced everywhere.
13. Mama Luigi: Didn't this spawn off of some dumb fanfiction?
14. Pedobear: Pedophilia is NOT FUNNY.
15. Cory In the House Is the Best Anime: Whoever thought this was a good meme idea should be shot. Who actually watched this?
16. Spooky Scary Skeletons: Thanks to this, the Doom II monster known as the revenant is even less enjoyable.
17. Yee: Not a meme.
18. Ain't Nobody Got Time for That: Is her name really Sweet Brown?
19. Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life: Oh it's from 4chan, that explains EVERYTHING.
20. YouTube Poop: The exact antithesis of funny.
21. Bad Luck Brian: Memes would give you bad luck.
22. Trololo: No it is nowhere close to Rick Roll's superiority you cretin.
23. Arrow to the Knee: Well this one died quickly.
24. Nyan Cat: Haters just want you to knock it off.
25. Downfall/Hitler subtitle parodies: Most people barely know this one.
26. Thomas the Tank Engine: It was time for Thomas to leave. He had seen everything.
27. Pepe: Just because an item is on here twice doesn't make it any better.
28. Cereal Guy: Yes, CerealGuy, your name came from it. What does that tell you?
29. PINGAS: Putting in new GAS sounds perfect for your car.
30. Why You Always Lying: Source?
31. Leeeeeroy Jeeeenkins: I think Aragorn beat this one to the punch a long time ago.
32. MLG: This one is a collective of annoyances.
33. Caveman SpongeBob: The show has too many memes.
34. Darude - Sandstorm: This isn't funny the last 4219234 times it has been said.
35. His Name is John Cena!!!: What happened to the invisible John Cena memes?
36. MLG Shrek: Combining two different ones doesn't make it any better.
37. John Cenaaaaaaaaa: I agree, stop using the worst meme.
38. Philosoraptor: A dying meme, and it deserves to die.
39. How Could This Happen to Me!!: All from a crappy one hit wonder which people decide to use to make fun of emos. Unfunny.
41. All your base are belong to us: Best one, none can top terrible translation that ticks.
42. As Portrayed by SpongeBob: Ruined history, now you know why people do terrible on the subject.
43. Scumbag Steve: Who else thought this guy was Fred Durst?
44. Harlem Shake: The best Harlem Shake is where the hooded guy pushed the woman off his desk.
45. The Almighty Loaf: No idea what this one is about.
46. pauljac3: Who?
47. Robbie Rotten: One hell of a chin.
48. Bee Movie: Does not compete with Shrek.
49. Caramelldansen: The one meme everyone has heard about but don't remember anything about it.
50. Bed Intruder: Not a meme, and if it was, it would be a terrifyingly unfunny meme.
52. Freddie Mercury Meme: So close should go towards Metallica and not Freddie Mercury.
53. Rage Meme: They are comics, not memes.
54. Sanic: This is the byproduct of the terrible Sonic fanbase.
55. Nostalgia Critic: Do not put Youtubers on this list.
56. OVER 9,000!: Correction It's over 9000.
57. LOL cats: A collection of cuteness is not a meme anymore.
58. I Herd U Like Mudkips: I herd nothing about this ever.
59. I Lied: Ugly rage face.
60. All Star: Someone in the comments seriously confused this song and I'm a Believer.
61. First Comment!: NOT A MEME.
62. Ancient Aliens: There's only one Ancient Aliens I like. Go check it out. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/aaliens
63. It is Wednesday my dudes: It doesn't matter what day fam.
64. Big Smoke: No one knows this.
65. Somebody Ring The Dinkster: Anyone got a clue what this is?
66. Levan Polka: Obscure memes no longer count as memes.
67. Zelda/Mario CD-i Game Cutscenes: Give them credit, they made Mario and Link talk when Nintendo couldn't.
68. Spoderman: Bad drawings and captions really shouldn't count as memes.
69. Suprise motherf**a: Why do black people come up with actually good ones?
70. Gnome Child: Terrifying.
71. Triggered: Basically the world in 2018 over pin drops made by world leaders.
72. Small loan of a million dollars: Show of hands, people, show of hands.
74. AVGN: A Youtuber and gamer is not a meme.
75. Troll Dad: It's just a classy troll face which isn't an improvement.
76. Hey guys it's scarce here: Much like your meme ideas.
77. Kazoo Kid: Novelty toys are not memes.
78. Epic Sax Guy: No one knows this.
79. Say What Again!: I dare you to do a better meme.
80. All You Had to Do Was Follow the Damn Train CJ: It's Carl now, now CJ. Also cjWriter1997 you are now in the spotlight.
81. Good Guy Greg: Even good guys smoke sometimes.
82. The Mitochondria: The only thing you meme makers even know about science. For shame.
83. WTF BOOM: The BOOM is exaggerated.
84. Illuminati: (message redacted)
85. Deez Nuts: No he did not win the presidency.
86. Shooting Stars: Erm, okay.
87. The Most Interesting Man in the World: Isn't all that interesting.
88. Gabe the Dog (Bork): Where is Keyboard cat? Seriously.
89. Arthur: Another show that ended up with awful memes.
90. The King: Scar: LONG LIVE THE KING!
91. Tunak Tunak Tan: No one knows this.
92. Yao Ming Meme: Another rage face.
93. Polandball: It's technically its own category.
94. Filthy Frank: It is indeed time to stop, now that Frank is retiring from Youtube, you might as well cry yourselves to sleep.
95. HA HA! Guy: That's Nelson from the Simpsons. How can you not know that?
96. F*** her right in the p****: Among all the memes, Trump memes are the worst.
97. Thug Life: Thugs deserve to be arrested.
98. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU-: We already have the rage face.
99. Do You Like Waffles?: Only with syrup.
100. Falcon Punch: Ruined Douglas Jay Falcon in Smash Bros.
101. Donald Trump: You couldn't decide which meme to use so all of them in one person.
102. Pupper: If this is the Gabe the Dog thing, congrats on stupifying yourself to a duplicate.
103. 20% Cooler: What does this mean.
104. Do You Know Da Wae: It deserved to die. Also why is Knuckles being portrayed as idiotic nowadays?

105. Russia: A country is not a meme.
106. Xzibit: A cool rapper name is not a meme.
107. Mr. Mills' Procedures: Whoever this guy is, his procedures aren't memes.
108. You don't say?: If you don't know the guy who had this face, you don't deserve the right to make memes.
109. Kanye West: His grammy thing was not a funny thing.
110. Rage Comics: So finally you decide to include this.
111. Gangnam Style: There should honestly be a resurgence of this.
112. 60's Spider Man: Better than Spoderman.
113. The Mine Song: No one remembers this.
114. I Have Crippling Depression: All unfunny meme posters have that as their crippling depression.
115. Not Sure: If?
116. Rape Sloth: Not a funny meme.
117. He F*cked Up: And so did you, apparently.
118. Yo Dawg: It's literally a phrase black people say, not a meme.
119. Smoke Weed Everyday: You would die, then.
120. It's Super Effective: In this case it's not very effective.
122. First Day On The Internet Kid: Fun fact, every meme poster is still a first day on the internet kid.
123. Wat: Learn English.
124. Protegent: Protegent is actually a ripoff of some cartoon.
125. Somebody Toucha My Spaghet: A 1939 animation still is not a meme.
126. Gordon Ramsay: He's actually quite respectable.
127. Mah Boi: Before there was Dat Boi there was Mah Boi.
128. Battle for Dream Island: What is this.
129. I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!: Still waiting for the "I hate sand" meme.
130. Third World Success: Some racial thing spawned this, I swear.
131. Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths: And it's usually something that isn't anime to trigger the weebs.
132. MLG cigar: No.
133. Star Wars Kid: After a search, I found out that "I hate sand" isn't on this list. FOR SHAME.
134. Boneless Pizza: Who would want bones on their pizza anyways?
135. Gay Luigi: Luigi is no longer funny or fun.
136. Dolan: Butcherings of famous characters are horrible memes.
137. Durr Plant: Caused by an accident? That's even less funny!
138. The Nutshack theme song edits: And I know nothing about this.
139. Pen Pineapple Apple Pen: It's gone.
140. Let It Grow: The lawn carer's reaction to Frozen.
141. Have A Bowl Mr. Squidward: Why are the wrong Spongebob memes on this list.
142. Tumblr Feminists: ARE STILL CANCEROUS.
143. Extra Thicc: You need some mental help if you get your memes from awful Photoshopping skills.
144. Willy Wonka: WRONG. It's condescending Wonka.
145. Head On: Repetitive commercials are awful memes.
146. It's a trap!: I love traps.
147. HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA: Well this is an old one.
148. MMMeme: MMMbop.
149. Slender Man: HE DIED.
150. Damn Daniel: A viral video is an embarassing meme.
151. I'm Ethan Bradberry: And I know nothing about you.
152. Sharkeisha: Don't put shark in front of everything, please.
153. Spongegar: Already on here as Caveman Spongebob. Actually, that's what the meme should've been called, but of course, uneducated people.
154. Barry Benson: Still not better than Shrek.
155. Jonathan the Turtle-loving Zombie: A kid saying something isn't a meme.
156. Fidget Spinners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QyYTNZMoMY
157. Woah: NOT A MEME, GO AWAY.
158. Tide Pods: I agree, DANGEROUS AND STUPID.
159. Rotsky: Anyone know this?
160. DOMO: Old.
161. Charlie Bit My Finger: A viral video is an embarassing meme.
162. People die if they are killed: You don't say?
163. Why so serious?: People die if they are killed.
164. You Must Die: This is a Vinesauce meme.
165. Rage Guy (FFFFFUUUUUUUU-): Congrats, your IQ level is in the single digits for combining two non-memes.
166. Problem?: The problem is you.
167. Herp-Derp: The exact mentality of a meme poster.
168. Found Some Poo: The mentality of a meme poster says for them to eat it.
169. £1 Fish: An Indian fish salesperson came up with this one. That tells you everything you need to know.
170. Herobrine: Anyone?
171. Snivy: Nope.
173. Angry German Kid: I did what he did once.
174. P.O.O.P. People Order Our Patties: Seriously where are all the relevant Spongebob memes.
175. Dark Tails: Screw the Sonic fanbase.
176. I.M.Meen: U.R.Awful.
177. Justin Bieber: Well, we get it.
178. Hoo-dini: A small joke is not a meme.
179. Coincidence? I think NOT!: A catchphrase from a popular TV show is not a meme.
180. SammyClassicSonicFan: The Encyclopedia Dramatica article on him told me everything.
181. Poot: You people never want to age, do you?
182. Reyn Time: Anyone?
183. Moonman: Old.
184. The Fitness Gram Pacer Test: Now this is a horrible meme, really and truly.
185. Ermahgerd: No.
186. SiivaGunner: It is dead and it is cringey.
187. Grand Dad: FLINTSTONES?
188. Keemstar: Do I really need to keep repeating myself over and over?
189. Trve Kvlt: No one knows this.
190. Biggie Cheese: No one knows this.
191. 🅱: Memes are devolving.
192. I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter: No, you are an unfunny, sarcastic spastic who reads a tumblr post and tries to agree with it in the most moronic way possible. There are only two genders.
193. Bill Nye: He needs to stay alive, man.
194. Chef Excellence: Anyone know this? No? Okay then.
195. Leek Spin: Firebars from Mario spawned this one.
196. Boku No Pico: An anime series cannot constitute a whole meme.
197. Running in the 90's: Much like your brain.
198. Green de la Bean: Anyone know this? Show of hands.
199. Mom's Spaghetti: The one thing people only know about Eminem.
200. Color Red: So?
201. Hotel Mario: A bad video game is not meme material.
202. Link: The Faces of Evil: A bad video game is not meme material.
203. Man's Not Hot - Big Shaq: You are not smart.
204. O RLY?: Yes, in fact, really and truly very much.
205. Peanut Butter Jelly Time: BRING THIS BACK, SERIOUSLY.
206. Numa Numa: Best performance? That blondie on Swedish Idol and his flexible arms.
207. Shoop Da Whoop: Another one that should be brought back.
208. Against YouTube Copyright: Actually unfunny given how crap Youtube obviously is.
209. Double Rainbow: It means nothing. NOTHING! Go home.
210. I'm in ur base killin ur d00dz: And talking like an entitled 10 year old who "mastered" a FPS by merely having no life.
211. Diggy Diggy Hole: 1% of people know this, I'm sure.
212. Faith in humanity has been restored: Faith has been completely shattered, and continues to shatter.
213. Not bad: Were these two items put together deliberately?
214. Jackie Chan rage: You couldn't even know what it was called?
215. Watch Out, We Got a Badass: Nothing badass about it, really.
216. GTFO Guy: Say this about every rage comic face here, because they don't qualify as memes.
217. Not Impressed Face: Clearly the face I make right now.
218. You Will Die: Is it You Must Die or You Will Die? Pick one.
219. Jeff The Killer: Sigh, a creepypasta is not a meme.
220. Friday - Rebecca Black: So where is Call Me Maybe?
221. G Major: Was the second major scale I managed to learn. It's easy peasy.
222. PKRS Club: This is some elitist bull in the Pokemon scene.
223. Hippo Army: Yeah, filled with the brains of hippos.
224. Creepy Villager (SSB4): Nah.
225. Courage Wolf: Insanity Wolf is better.
226. Grumpy Cat: Memes are the worst effort at avoiding grumpiness.
227. Push It Somewhere Else Patrick / Pushing Patrick: Well this is actually relevant.
228. Goat Remixes: Stupid, unfunny.
229. Patrick Hates: Hates what?
230. Ha Gayyy: Respect the gays.
231. Magic Snort Snort: A resurgence in this involves snorting condoms. You all have problems.
232. Mud. Kip! Mud. Kip!: Shut up.
233. Auto-Tune: A musical tool is not a meme.
234. Twitch Plays Pokemon: Twitch Plays is not a meme.
235. It's Raining Tacos: Tell this to all your Mexican friends.
237. 60 year old girl: Is actually a pedophile.
238. NO!: Exactly.
239. BOOM: Boom is a good source port for Doom, but I prefer GZDoom the most.
240. Billy Mays: He's dead.
241. Moar Krabs: A Spongebob creepypasta is not a Spongebob meme.
242. Toasters: Not funny if the topic is gun control.
243. Surprised Patrick: His face is the blowjob you meme makers imagine getting.
244. Forever Alone: Some of you deserve it.
245. Falcon Punch Guy: His name is Douglas Jay Falcon you retards.
246. All Your Base Belong To Us: Just because you titlecase it doesn't mean it isn't a duplicate.
247. Guy Thrown Out a Window: You seriously thing this is a funny meme?
248. Are You F****** Kidding Me?: I'm not kidding at all.
249. Advice Duck: Bad, bad advice.
250. Wombo Combo!: A rhyming statement is not a meme.
251. This Is My Ringtone: And nothing of value was gained.
252. Success Kid: This being 122 items under Third World Success Kids shows the abject racism of memery.
253. We're not cavemen! We have technology!: Did Patrick even say they were cavemen?
254. WRYYY: My personal favorite.
255. Monkey!: A random word with an exclamation point is not a meme.
256. Obey Wario, Destroy Mario: DCfnaf.
257. Give Me The Greenest Color You Can Be: And no one knows this either.
258. I WANT THOSE SWEETIES!: Girlish all caps posts are not memes.
259. Downfall Hitler: How is this miles below the item it references?
260. Sure Jan: Who's Jan.
261. Unfitting Music: Makes unfitting memes.
262. The Wealdstone Raider: 0.1% of people know this.
263. JP2GMD: An abbreviation is not a meme.
264. More Cowbell: There is no instrumental value in a cowbell these days.
265. Just Do It!: At the wrong times, this is one of the worst memes ever.
266. Jontron: His face says it all.
267. Reyn (Xenoblade): Whoever doesn't play Xenoblade has no idea what you are saying.
268. Brushie Brushie Brushie: A word repeated three times is not a meme.
269. Carlos: He was that guy on Doomworld that would always spam gore images and father son holy spirit comments.
270. Lotsa Spaghetti: Enough with the spaghetti, seriously.
271. I told you about stairs: Then use an elevator.
272. Toy Story "Everywhere": Bad memes, bad memes everywhere.
273. Determination (Undertale): Undertale shouldn't be on here.
274. Stupid Sexy Flanders: Disgusting.
275. Undertale: What did I just say?
276. Is Mayonnaise an instrument?: A meme isn't one, that's for sure.
277. Insanity Wolf: I love this one.
278. FUS RO DAH: Died with arrow to the knee.
279. FHRITP: Stop abbreviating items already on here.
280. It's Time To STOP: THANK YOU.
281. Bronies: A fanbase is not a meme.
282. Weird Al: A parody musician is not a meme.
283. Skeletor: I love him.
284. Zero Punctuation: Learn English before memeing.
285. Jim Sterling: No one cares.
286. Five Nights at Freddy's: Really cringey.
287. Captain Falcon: Um.
288. Show Me Your Moves: Is Falcon the ONLY Smash character you meme fans play is?
289. I'm Really Feeling It: Another Smash-related meme already?
290. Final Fantasy VII: A JRPG is not a meme.
291. Sephiroth (FF7): An emo-looking character is not a meme.
292. Kefka (FF6): Where is the suplexing of the train, seriously.
293. Shamwow!: I'd shamwow every one of these memes away.
294. Slap Chop: No one knows this.
295. Lol Wut Pear: Putting a mouth on a fruit makes a terrible meme.
296. He Need Some Milk: And so do you.
297. Bruh: A one-word slang term is not a meme.
298. Paranoid Parrot: These memes make me paranoid.
299. Upgrade: Um.
300. Gotta Zayn: Can we please put THIS IS SPARTA!! to this position please? These memes at the end make no sense.
301. New Phone Who Dis: Wrong number.
303. Vinesauce: Good.
304. But First We Need To Talk About Parallel Universes /.5x A Presses: No we don't.
305. Duwang: That's disgusting.
306. Look at this Graph: This isn't even close to what the song Photograph was about.
307. They laughed at my splash, so I splashed in their blood: If people die because of a meme, we truly are doomed.
308. Arthur Fist Meme: What is with these Arthur memes?
309. TR-8R: How that stormtrooper's weapon can match a lightsaber is pretty darn cool.
310. Unlucky Brian: It's Bad Luck Brian, you uneducated cretin.
311. We need to build a wall: To keep meme posters out.
312. What're Thooooose???: Adding extra letters to an annoying question does not make a meme.
313. OwO: This, isn't even a thing.
314. Ocean Man - Ween: Not a meme, try harder.
315. Ken Bone: Stop trying to make everything into a meme.
316. H3H3: Seriously, not everything needs to be a meme.
317. But That's None of My Business: This list analysis is totally my business.
318. Hillary Clinton: Political memes are garbage.
319. Yoda: What part of him? if I may ask
320. Fried Chicken Guy: Explain.
321. Duane: A so bad it's good dance.
322. Deus Vult: You mean this or it's sequel? I like it's sequel more: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dvii-1i
323. But First, We Need to Talk About Parallel Universe: YOU HAVE NO PROOF A PARALLEL UNIVERSE EXISTS.
324. You're Not Perfect: Correct.
325. Old memes: Thank you.
326. Bone hurting juice: What?
327. Saness: Yet meme makers have no sanity.
328. Disaster Girl: Hilarity is not something that hurts someone else.
329. Clang: Other than the Berserk anime, who's heard this?
330. Glowing 1000 Degree Knife: Don't try it.
331. Chicken SpongeBob: COME ON. Get the name right. It's Mocking Spongebob. Do SoMe ReSeArCh.
332. You never see it COMING!: Johnny Test ruined this one.
333. Mr. Worldwide: Do you own or owe anything?
334. The Baaaaaath!: *hands in head*
335. Turn Down for What: Bring this one back.
336. Gingers Do Have Souls!: The guy who made this is now a girl.
337. Send Nudes: That will get you banned.
338. Water Bottle Flipping: Not really a fun internet challenge and not a real meme.
339. Jaidenanimations' Trumpet Solo: Really? You people are digging deep for things that aren't memes.
340. Damn, Son! Where'd You Find This?: A phrase your father says is not a meme.
341. Hey Vsauce! Micheal Here: *headdesk*
342. Boo (World's Cutest Dog): I'd rather wait for the Boo from Monsters Inc.
343. Brawl In The Family: No idea.
344. Hello, my name's Nino!: Hello Nino! You are not a meme! Go away!
345. Shining Finger Sword: Having to butcher your finger to look like a sword is not a meme.
346. My Name is Jeff: Hey Jeff. Jeff is a common boy's name and is not a meme.
347. Starter Pack: Good one.
348. Mom Martha: No, no mom memes please.
349. Condescending Wonka: FINALLY THIS IS ON HERE.
350. One Does Not Simply....: make a meme expecting it to be popular or good.
351. I’ve McFallen!: No, just no.
352. SpongeBob SquarePants: Has too many memes. Pick one.
353. Snoop Dogg: A.k.a MLG.
354. Pootis: Please grow up. Poop memes aren't funny.
355. I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore: My entire reaction to this list.
356. Deep Fried Memes: Fast food things aren't memes.
357. Ultra Instinct: Um, fine.
358. SMG4 videos: Videos, forget it.
359. Remove kebab: Nonsensical phrases are not memes.
360. Smooth jazz walrus: And I care how?
361. Bill Cosby: What memes were about him?
362. Nico-Nico Nii!: Ugh, the absolute WORST anime fanbase spawned this abominable piece of trash.
363. Ugandan Knuckles: You already posted da wae and it is not funny a second time.
364. Iridocyclitis: A dictionary word is not a meme.
365. Loss: That's right.
366. Elf on the Shelf: Dumb meme.
367. The Floor Is...: Your responsibility.
368. First of All: balls.
369. Salt Bae: No.
370. I Got Some: Stop.
371. It: Seriously.
372. To Continue: You run out of ideas, so random words are items on this list.
373. Feminazi: Not funny.
374. He Protec: Learn to spel.
375. Roll Safe: Well this one is good.
376. Distracted Boyfriend: Huh, all the relevant ones are near the bottom.
377. Crazy Ex: I wouldn't want to be near him or her.
378. Bitcoin: Not funny in the slightest.
379. Microsoft Text to Speech Voices: YES, THANK YOU.
380. Top Ten Anime Betrayals: Again, unfunny when they pertain to things not anime.
381. Hey It’s FRED!: Nah, not relevant anymore.
382. Peoplekind: SJWs ruin everything, don't they?
383. Zod’s snapped neck: Really? This is a meme? You people are demented.
384. I Grew Up with (Chris Stuckmann): I grew up without dumb memes.
385. Alex Leyba is Andy Milonakis: I know neither of these.
386. Gru's Plan: Well this one made me chuckle once.
387. When the Autistic Kid...: DO NOT MAKE FUN OF KIDS WITH AUTISM.
388. Taking the Hobbits to Isengard: And how many of us care about hobbits?
389. The Globglogabgalab: Disgusting.
390. Eurobeat: Not a meme.

This list is a failure. A list analysis is not a meme.


I personally like the Philosoraptor meme, but to each their own man. - visitor

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Memes are garbage. You're not wrong. - visitor

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