Top 10 Most Memorable Anime Moments

Some of the most memorable moments from Anime wither they were sad, epic or completely surprising.

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Goku's Sacrifice to Defeat Cell From Dragon Ball Z

Without Goku anime will not be the same and I bet inside Goku saw what he started and who tried to finish it gohan his only son at the time. trunks vegeta and piccolo tried to finish it well not so sure about vegeta but Goku knew he was was the one to finish it and when he said goodbye had everyone like well words probarly couldn't describe how they feel and if I can I will vote also for when gohan defeated cell because gohan had that power so he could finish it 2

Being the sore loser that he is Cell makes himself big in an attempt to blow up the earth, Goku doing the only thing he can do uses his teleport ability to transport Cell to another place but before he does he bids farewell to all his friends and his son Gohan, Cell blows up killing Goku as well as destroying King Kai's planet.

Sad and memorable at the same time.

I love you goku!

Sasuke's Heel Turn From Naruto

To see a great character being influenced by the 'dark side' was so interesting to watch. The build up to this felt perfectly natural. Up till this point, Sasuke only had one goal, to avenge his clan by killing Itachi, his older brother. To see his friend become exponentially more powerful than him was difficult for him to handle, with his superiority complex. Naruto had saved him from Orochimaru's giant snake summon. He had defended both himself and Sakura from Gaara. To add insult to injury, Itachi explained that the Akatsuki wanted Naruto in front of Sasuke, implying to Sasuke that his power was nothing compared to Naruto. Such a great moment.

This is probably the saddest anime moment ever in my opinion. Throughout the series they constantly argued, but when they finally acted like brothers, it made me feel so happy, it was so sweet. Then suddenly, Sasuke leaves village, and every one of their fights afterwards was like a punch to my gut. I was left crying silently to myself for so long...

It was the most anticipated moment I was waiting for! They were rivals, friends, like brothers. They were everything. Who doesn't like the final fight to be between the deuteragonist and the protagonist? And who often sees it ending in a draw! Breath taking moment!

Perhaps the most memorable and heart-throbbing scene from the entire series, not just the fight but the emotions portrayed in both the anime and original source manga make this such a memorable part of the Naruto franchise.

The Nina Tucker Indecent From FullMetal Alchemist

It's been years since I've seen it but dang..That sure was something..

Possibly the most upsetting moment in Fullmetal Alchemist

This moment still haunts me to this day.


The Final Battle Scene From Cowboy Bebop
Envy Murders Maes Huges From Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

This scene tore my heart out, Maes was a loving, caring, and adoring Parent/Husband, and not only that was kind and considerate to those around him. And at the same time brave, smart, and determined. And seeing a personal favorite of mine go and an overall beloved anime character go is more than enough to make a few tears.

Huges discovers some shocking things going on in the military but before he can report to Mustang about what he finds he is attacked by Lust and Envy, he eventually makes it to an outside payphone and is confronted by Envy but before he can attack he's stopped by Envy who's transforms into his wife Gracia and shoots him.

Itachi's Reason - Naruto

Itachi killed his clan just for sake of their ownvillage but the ninjas in konoha treat him like a criminal he is not a criminal the truth is he save the village he is the true hero

"I am always going to be there for you, even if it is only as an obstacle for you to overcome...even if it means hating each other...that, is what big brothers are for."

Greatest story anime world witnessed. Irachi forever ❤️

Goku Becomes a Super Saiyan for the First Time From Dragon Ball Z

Should be at the top of the list was like a climax in anime

His hair turned golden and anime history was complete.

Absolutely this is the most memorable anime moment.

Most electrifying moment in the history of anime

The Failed Transmutation From Fullmetal Alchemist

Ed and Al try to bring their mother back using a forbidden form of alchemy everything seems to be going right for them then without warning everything goes horribly wrong Ed loses his leg and Al loses his whole body in order to save Al Ed sacrifices his arm to bond Al's soul to a body of armor even more upsetting is the result of all their sacrifice is this horrible thing who probably wasn't even their mother.

Kirito vs Heathcliff - Sword Art Online

WHY IS THIS 9TH it needs to be 1st or 2nd I cried every time watching this and still watch it

Sao is just a good anime

Keitaro and Naru's Epic Kiss Scene From Love Hina Again

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In Code Geass R2 Finale When Susaku Disguises Himself As Zero and Kills Lelouch As Per Lelouche's Plan!

Throughout all 52 episodes, you never quite expected the series to end in such an epic, emotional, near shakespearean way.

How the hell is this not on the top 3
Is this because not many has watched it

Very heart breaking moment...I won't never forget this moment.

The Final Moments of Episode 10 From Please Teacher!

Leading Up to this moment Kei breaks things off with Mizuho in order to go out with Koishi, then Koishi finds out that the only reason he's going out with her is because of Ichigo in order to prove to her its real he tries to kiss her but is interrupted by Mizuho with tears in her eyes she runs off and Kei runs after her then she vanishes, Kei returns to the apartment but finds she's not there he then breaks down crying and pleading for Marie to take him to her, they meet up and after she yells at him for what happened earlier she finally comes out and says that she loves him he does the same and it all seems to be going well for them until Kei suffers another serious Standstill.

L's Death - Death Note

This is where the series kind of restarted and truly started to race towards the climax.

Luffy Punches a Celestial Dragon - One Piece

This moment gave me chills

Gohan Defeats Cell From Dragon Ball Z

Had so much build up and delivered an awesome fight.

Truly awesome

Gon x Kills x Pitou - Hunter x Hunter

The inner monologue that was going on in Gons head before he transformed was incredibly done.

When Gon turns to face Killua at the end... god damn!

I don't even need to

Death of Jiraiya from Naruto

The death of Jiraiya is when Naruto graduates from a kid to someone who can take up the responsibility of the village's well-being. Being such a well-loved character and someone who gave life-lessons to us viewers too, Jiraiya's death hit me hard too. Especially the follow-up scene where Naruto sits with the popsicle and realises that he no longer has the person to share it with.

The sheer mention of it reinstalls the heartbreak of Naruto losing one of the only people arguably to have taken Naruto to heart as family from the get go. HEARTWRENCHING!

Aoi & Kaoru Reunite From Ai Yori Aoshi

In the very first episode Aoi meets up with Kaoru in order to help her find her long lost love, they finally get to the place with the address that Aoi had but finds nothing there upsett and distrought over this they return to his apartment she shows him a picture with the other boy and as it turns out Karou is the one she's been looking for all along.

Night Guy from Naruto Shippuden

The Ultimate Tai Jutsu

Luffy vs Sanji - Whole Cake Island Arc

I couldn't believe what was happening when I was watching this scene. And Luffy's speech at the end... Just WOW! There's nothing like a captain's devotion to his nakama...

Oh yeah, that was intense to say the least.

One of the best quotes of One Piece ever.

Sana Learns the Truth About Her Relationship with Rei From Kodocha

Since the beging of the anime Sana truly belived her manager Rei was her boyfriend but after a series of events involving Rei's ex girlfriend Asako Kurumi Sana learns that the whole thing was a lie she becomes so upset that she runs away and is helped out by of all people Akito.

Usopp Leaves the Crew From One Piece
Tanjiro Awakens his Breath of the Fire God against Rui from Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer

I don't know if I've ever watched something that made me SIMULTANEOUSLY enchanted by beauty, excited by the action, and moved by the emotion. No exaggeration, but I'm practically shaken - can't believe it.

This was a testament to how anime can be more than just a medium, but truly an art form.

This scene had so many emotions in me overflowing at once... This scene was the pinnacle of shonen. Absolutely breathtaking.

Fairy Tail Wizards Joining Hands Together to Survive Acnologia from Fairy Tail

Best moment ever, it was so sweet and heart warming

Mustang Goes Berserk on Envy From FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood

It is the toughest top ten list to many awesome moments..I can't chose one easily...the ending fight of cowboy bebop,L's death,mustang vs envy,lelouch's death in code geass r2..all of them leave great impact in my heart

Yeah I remember that episode. NEVER AGAIN

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