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41 Karou Confronts Aoi's Father From Ai Yori Aoshi
42 Usopps Battle With Luffy From One Piece
43 Luffy Rings the Golden Bell - One Piece

What can I say. Luffy punches a giant golden bell, at the same time freeing a sky-island from disaster, returning the cyndians back to their home and clearing Noland's name at the same time.

44 Roronoa Zoro after kill Kaku of the CP9 - One Piece
45 Sana Meets Her Long Lost Mother - Kodocha
46 Sana Does the Pretend Mom Act of Akito - Kodocha
47 Edward Proposes to Winry From Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
48 Ash, Brock, Misty and Duplica Imitate Team Rocket - Pokemon
49 Sasuke kisses Naruto - Naruto

God that moment was epic after reading 700 chapters of Naruto that one will always stick with me

50 When Ash met Pikachu - Pokemon

This was the beginning of the whole Pokemon anime, I will never forget this moment unless I get Alzheimer's or some other forgetting disease. Even then it's unlikely

51 Opening Bike Chase - Akira
52 The Main Character's Father Lives Inside His Left Eye Socket in Gegege No Kitaro
53 Serena's Goodbye - Pokemon V 1 Comment
54 Buu rips a hole in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber
55 Kamina's Death and Giga Drill Break from Gurren Lagann
56 Simon Kills Lordgenome from Gurren Lagann
57 Sunlight Yellow Overdrive from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
58 Jonathan's Death from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
59 Kars Becomes a God from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
60 Dio Rejects His Humanity - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
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