Top Ten Most Memorable Disney Princess Songs

Oh my gosh these songs are amazing and most of them are memorable by most I mean all

The Top Ten

A Whole New World - Aladdin

A whole new world is a song that came from my favorite Disney movie whitch is aladdin. I don’t think disney has created another song like this exept for part of your world that makes you feel the true magic of Disney. You can really feel magic in this song - THEmEmes

Beauty and the Beast - Beauty and the Beast

Such a beautiful song right? Showing the love between belle and beast. Them dancing in the ballroom, belle learns to love the beast and they have dinner such a beautiful scene ruined in the remake a magic for Disney - THEmEmes

Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid

I have to say that the little mermaid has the best songs in any Disney movie. We have part of your world, Kiss the girl, under the sea, poor unfortunate souls and many more. But by far I think part of your world was the greatest in the soundtrack - THEmEmes

I See the Light - Tangled

This was the best moment from the whole movie of tangled. When Eugene and rapunzel basically go on a date to watch the lanterns or shall I say floating lights. Rapunzel then learns that her dream is all thanks to Eugene and once again about to kiss but it got ruined - THEmEmes

Some Day My Prince Will Come - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

It's not only the best song in the movie, it's also the best song of all Disney songs.

Some day my prince will come was the the best song in Snow White. This shows how Snow White wants her prince to come and even tough the song was pretty short it was also pretty magical - THEmEmes

I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan

Definitely the most inspirational Disney song shows how Mulan takes her job seriously of being a warrior and she never gives up till she becomes the best Warrior of the time. If little girls need a princesses to follow follow Mulan - THEmEmes

So This is Love - Cinderella

So this is love was voted low on the list of best disney songs but I truly find this to be a magical Disney song. Just so you know Cinderella is my favorite Disney movie before the 1980’s - THEmEmes

Colors of the Wind - Pocahontas

Colors of the wind was a good disney song showing the understanding of John smith to her religion and beliefs. Also showing that then John smith could respect her culture - THEmEmes

This should be number 1 - Froglamb

Once Upon a Dream - Sleeping Beauty

This song is a beautiful song showing Aurora’s love for the prince and how much she loves him that she even dances with an owl to demonstrate the love. Later on in the song Prince Phillip was stalking her so he dances with her instead. So Aurora also dances with him and that’s how the song ends pretty pretty right - THEmEmes

Almost There - Princess and the Frog

Almost there is another inspirational Disney song about Tiana finally opening her restaurant in a while so she sets up things right just to be ready for a restaurant - THEmEmes

I love this song, should be number 1. This let colours of the wind - Froglamb

The Contenders

Belle (Reprise) - Beauty and the Beast
Let It Go - Frozen
I Wonder - Sleeping Beauty
Sing Sweet Nightingale - Cinderella
One Song - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
How Far I'll Go - Moana
Just Around the Riverbend - Pocahontas
Love is an Open Door - Frozen
For the First Time in Forever - Frozen
Reflection - Mulan
When Will My Life Begin - Tangled
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