Most Memorable Lines In Bad Video Games

The Top Ten Most Memorable Lines In Bad Video Games

1 Approaching Sound Barrier - M&M's Kart racing
2 Nothing Can Stop Me Now! - Drake of The 99 Dragons
3 You're Winner! - Big Rigs Over The Road Racing

I am, Big Riggs, I certainly am - Martinglez

4 Oh, boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an Octorock! - Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon
5 What A Water We've Been Having Recently - The Town With No Name
6 Where Did You Learn To Fly? - Cybermorph
7 Hey Clownface! - The Crow: City of Angels
8 Call Me Woody, WIIIIILD WOODY! I Know My Name But That's All I Know - Wild Woody
9 UH EEE UH! - Animal Soccer World
10 Remember, All Toasters Toast Toast - Hotel Mario

The Contenders

11 Do a Barrel Roll! - Star Fox 64

Ooopss... My mistake... This list says "bad games" rather than just "games"... I do not see SF64 or Smash as being bad at all... I just couldn't resist adding these great lines.

12 Falcon Punch! - Super Smash Bros.
13 Sorry to Jet, But I'm In a Hurry. - Star Fox 64
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