Top Ten Most Memorable Movie Sound Effects

The Top Ten Most Memorable Movie Sound Effects

1 Wilhelm Scream (Star Wars)

It's first release was in 1951 in movie I think called Dustin Drums when a Solider gets pulled underwater by alligators. Ever since that film, everyone began using it and making fun of it. I love it and its classic! - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

This has been used in loads of films. It's a classic!

2 GodZilla's Roar (All GodZilla Movies)

*watching Godzilla 2014 in the front row and sees him in the mist*
Me:Here it comes...
Godzilla:SKREOOONGGG! - aarond90

3 R2 D2's Beeping (Star Wars)
4 Darth Vader's Breathing (Star Wars)

Instantly recognisable, as are many of the sound effects used in Star Wars. - PositronWildhawk

5 Blaster Sound Effect (Star Wars)
6 T-Rex Roar (Jurassic Park)
7 Tarzan Yell (Tarzan)
8 Sword Clashing
9 Fire Crackling
10 Proton Packs (Ghost Busters)

The Contenders

11 Laser Sabre (Star Wars)
12 The 360' Head Turn (The Exorcist)
13 Transformer Sounds (Transformers)
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