Top 10 Memories from Elementary School

The Top Ten Memories from Elementary School

1 Recess

I miss this. It would be nice to get outside during the school day - SirSheep

Ah yes I miss recess. - Bammer73

I remember recess it was quite fun, I remember playing tag with my friend e every recess in grade 2 and run around the playground, good times - trains45

Remember when we had recess? when we couldn’t wait for it to start so we can play outside? and these playgrounds too. - Yoshiandaglover

2 Valentine’s Day Candy

Remember when it was an assignment to bring candy on Valentine’s day to give everyone in class and it has a cute little note saying ‘to: __, from:__’ - Yoshiandaglover

3 Everyone Was Friends with Each Other

Every kid was nice at that age. Things like brainwashing and having a unilateral opinion wasn't heard of.

Maybe not everyone, but definitely people were a lot more friendly. - Bammer73

I remember a few friends I had in my class I knew probably everyone - trains45

4 Field Trips

I'm in high school and we go on field trips bit most of them are boring - Ihateschool

I remember field trips in school some were fun - trains45

I liked these so much. - SirSheep

5 Field Day
6 Arts and Crafts

I remember having art class and able to make art projects - trains45

7 Book Fairs

Most definitely! - Kevinsidis

8 Musical Chairs

I remember this game in school or other place it was quite fun - trains45

This was fun - Bammer73

9 Red, Yellow, and Green Cards
10 Class Parties

Yeah these were also fun. - Bammer73

I remember these. They were the best. - SirSheep

The Contenders

11 Fire Drills

I remember having a fire drill every year, some how in grade 5 I must of missed them all - trains45

12 Lock Down Drills

I remember lock downs drills in school once had a real one in grade 1 - trains45

Now we just have real one and bomb/gun threats. How times have changed. - SirSheep

13 Christmas Concerts

Including my school got a dance. - Bammer73

14 Stickers for Good Behavior

I used to get 2 stickers in a book everyday if I behaved in the morning and afternoon, 1 sticker if I misbehaved in the morning, and behaved in the afternoon, or behaved in the morning and misbehaved in the afternoon, and get 0 stickers if I misbehaved all day - trains45

15 Easier Work

Elementary school: Up to 20 minutes of homework
Middle school: Up to 3 hours of homework - Bammer73

I didn't have to pay attention until I took algebra in 7th grade - SirSheep

16 Movies
17 Book and Reading Corner
18 Track and Field
19 Fire Safety
20 No Stress
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