Top 10 Memories from Elementary School

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1 Recess

I miss this. It would be nice to get outside during the school day - SirSheep

Ah yes I miss recess. - Bammer73

I remember recess it was quite fun, I remember playing tag with my friend e every recess in grade 2 and run around the playground, good times - trains45

Remember when we had recess? when we couldn’t wait for it to start so we can play outside? and these playgrounds too. - Yoshiandaglover

2 Everyone Was Friends with Each Other

Every kid was nice at that age. Things like brainwashing and having a unilateral opinion wasn't heard of.

Maybe not everyone, but definitely people were a lot more friendly.

I remember a few friends I had in my class I knew probably everyone

3 Valentine’s Day Candy

Remember when it was an assignment to bring candy on Valentine’s day to give everyone in class and it has a cute little note saying ‘to: __, from:__’

4 Field Trips

I'm in high school and we go on field trips bit most of them are boring - Ihateschool

I remember field trips in school some were fun - trains45

I liked these so much. - SirSheep

5 Field Day

I’m in middle school basically just graduated from 5th grade and since that Elmo incident in first grade, no one passing me the ball in 2nd grade, and falling of my Hippity Hop in 3rd grade, I try and fake sick for every field day.

6 Arts and Crafts

I remember having art class and able to make art projects - trains45

7 Book Fairs

Most definitely! - Kevinsidis

8 Musical Chairs

I remember this game in school or other place it was quite fun - trains45

This was fun - Bammer73

9 Red, Yellow, and Green Cards
10 Class Parties

Yeah these were also fun. - Bammer73

I remember these. They were the best. - SirSheep

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? Tag

We would have these massive games that pretty much most of the year level would participate in.

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11 Fire Drills

I remember having a fire drill every year, some how in grade 5 I must of missed them all

I had a real fire in grade 4.

12 Lock Down Drills

I remember lock downs drills in school once had a real one in grade 1 - trains45

Now we just have real one and bomb/gun threats. How times have changed. - SirSheep

13 Christmas Concerts

Including my school got a dance. - Bammer73

14 Stickers for Good Behavior

I used to get 2 stickers in a book everyday if I behaved in the morning and afternoon, 1 sticker if I misbehaved in the morning, and behaved in the afternoon, or behaved in the morning and misbehaved in the afternoon, and get 0 stickers if I misbehaved all day - trains45

15 Easier Work

Elementary school: Up to 20 minutes of homework
Middle school: Up to 3 hours of homework - Bammer73

I didn't have to pay attention until I took algebra in 7th grade - SirSheep

16 Movies
17 Square Pizza
18 Book and Reading Corner
19 Track and Field
20 Fire Safety
21 No Stress
22 Mean Teachers
23 Playing the Recorder
24 Toys in Class
25 Playground
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