Top Ten Best Memories In Your Life


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1 Childhood

Childhood, yes, I vote for that, all the way too Britgirl. I think that my childhood so far is the most revealing and warm time of my life. It led to other important things. If I was raised differently, I would bear grudges to this world for being the way it seems to be quite often...However, having my family on my side and knowing that they adore me for who I am, knowing that they are really good people despite their imperfections, that makes me feel gratitude for all this bittersweet chaos called LIFE.

My father used to sing to me whenever he sensed I was lonesome. He is still a calming influence in my life. I love you papa! - Britgirl

Childhood's what keeps me happy! - Curti2594

2 Holidays
3 Your First Love

Wonderful... Especially if you get it right the first time. - beatles

4 Your Favourite Song

Bit hard to choose one, though. - PositronWildhawk

5 The First Record You Bought
6 Your First Kiss
7 Pets

Had pets throughout my life and don't think I'd ever want to be without one. - PositronWildhawk

8 Your First Car

Yeah that’s going to be fun. I can’t wait for my first car - Randomator

9 The First Cheesy Band You Loved

Ahh... Anyone remember Mark Wahlberg's band: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch?... The memories of pretending I was a backing singer leaves my dimpled cheeks crimson. - Britgirl

10 Your First Wages

The Contenders

11 Graduation

It’s so satisfying when you finally graduate high school or college and thinking back on all the memories you made along the way - Randomator

12 Losing Your Virginity
13 TheTopTens
14 The Time Someone Stuck Their Neck Out for You

How could you forget it - Curti2594

15 Your Favourite Video Game
16 Your First French Kiss
17 Adolescence
18 When Someone Took the Time to Notice You
19 Music Concert
20 Vacations
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