Top 10 Mental Disorders That Have Been Diagnosed More Often In the 21st Century

10 Disorders that are just scary and have been on the rise since 2000! I'm also sorry if you have these conditions!

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1 A.D.H.D. (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

This is just plain stupid... NOT THE DISORDER ITSELF! Just being diagnosed with it... - McMuffins

There is more to it then you think.

2 A.S.D. (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

I love me some Hillary CLinton...

WHY! Maybe their just deficits in them instead of an actual DISORDER! - McMuffins

This isn't a mental disorder it is a learning disability

Hey I do have autism

3 Anxiety Disorder

My anxiety is so severe I can't go on sleepaway camping trips anymore, sometimes I can't feel my feet,I have
sometimes brutal panic attacks, I get scared over the littlest threats,there's a lot more. It's horrible. Imagine just all of this crashing down on you. I can't even do public speeches.

Also stupid... ALSO NOT THE DISORDER ITSELF! Anxiety happens to EVERYONE! Not just CERTAIN PEOPLE! - McMuffins

McMuffins, you are incorrect there
Yes, everyone gets anxious, but some a LOT more than others. I rarely ever get anxious, and I've maybe only had one panic attack in my life if any. But there are lots of people who deal with anxiety daily and have attacks/episodes multiple times a week.

4 Depression

Most of these "disorders" aren't actually on the rise. We simply are more aware of them and (hopefully) more attuned to those "suffer" from them. Therefore, we diagnose them more often. - PetSounds

To The Top with This

I was diagnosed with depression last year and since then, I've heard about a lot of other people having it too.😞 - Catlover2004

5 P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
6 O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

I actually... DAMN! Better not say - RW700

7 Insomnia
8 B.P.D. (Bipolar Disorder)

Well I have

Yea and lithum is being over used.stop just

BPD isn't bipolar disorder. That's bordeline personality disorder. Bipolar disorder is BD

I think it's that more people are admitting to having this disorder. - Britgirl

9 Anorexia
10 ScPD (Schizophrenia)

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11 N.P.D (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

McMuffins please do not label a whole generation as narcissistic.
You do not realise you are just a cyber bully.

This is especially on the rise because this generation is so egotistical! Vote if you agree! - McMuffins

12 Asperger Syndrome
13 Tourette Syndrome
14 S.A.D. (Social Anxiety Disorder)
15 A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder)
16 Borderline Personality Disorder

Person that posted no. 8... BPD is not Bipolar disorder (BD)

17 Trichotillomania
18 Psychosis
19 Dementia
20 Alzheimer's
21 Schizophrenia
22 Hypochondria
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