Best Mental Disorders To Make Roleplay Characters Have

There’s multiple lists about fictional characters and mental disorders, but they don’t focus on the actual disorder, only the character. But if you were joining a roleplay, and you wanted a character with a disorder, you wouldn’t copy an existing fictional character - you would want to know which disorder to use.

So which do you like?

The Top Ten

1 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Intense and focus on often uncomfortable thoughts, compulsive urges towards random actions. Ranges from mild to extremely disruptive and distressing. - romanempire249

2 Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Lack of focus except for hyperfocus on topics of interest, lack of motivation yet desire for stimulation, impulsivity, tendency towards obsessive talking, intense emotions. Severity is very debatable. - romanempire249

3 Autism Spectrum Disorders

I have autism, and also, it would be useful for people who are drunk - Maddox121

Altered senses, enhanced emotions, difficulty forming friendships, diminished understanding of non-literal language and body language, obsessive interests. Severity ranges from completely disabling to genuinely advantageous. - romanempire249

I don’t do role play much, but one of my OCs has this, even if I never mentioned it. - Cyri

4 Depressive Disorders

All-encompassing sadness, lack of motivation, low self-esteem. Often extremely dangerous. - romanempire249

5 Borderline Personality Disorder

Extreme emotions, unstable attitudes towards others, inaccurate view of self. Extremely painful disorder. - romanempire249

Hey, great list!
This is probably the most interesting for creating a "3D" character in a novel. Definitely interesting when creating a believable antagonist; particularly for the Psychological Suspense genre. - Britgirl

6 Bipolar Disorder

Alternates between happy or irritated mania and saddened and unmotivated feelings of depression. - romanempire249

7 Anxiety Disorder

Various disorders causing heightened anxiety. Can be as bad as depression. - romanempire249

8 Antisocial Personality Disorder

Decreased or absent presence of empathy, tendency towards manipulation and anger. - romanempire249


9 Schizophrenia

Hallucinations, paranoia, various symptoms depending on type of schizophrenia. Extremely severe. - romanempire249

10 Gender Dysphoria

Discomfort with one’s body, psychological characteristics of the opposite gender. - romanempire249

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